The secret recipe for plant-based vegan burgers | Chef David Lee, Planta

BL: So now we’re going to apply a little bit of pressure. BG: Oh now you’re… now you sound like a surgeon. Hi, I’m Dr. Brian Goldman host of White Coat, Black Art on CBC Radio One and we’re here at Planta in Yorkville where I’m going to be talking with Chef David Lee and […]

Chubby Cheeseburger Challenge: A Fast 15 Minutes vs FreakEating | First Food Challenge in Utah

we’re here at chubbies neighborhood cafe and I’m gonna take on the chubby cheese burger challenge. so I have 15 minutes to eat a 1 pound burger stuffed between three grilled cheese sandwiches with a pound of fries I finish I win a gift card or t-shirt so with no fanfare no BS no stalling […]

$2 Burgers in Harlem – Street Food Icons

-I love to work. I always tell other people, “You gonna do anything, get a job.” It keeps you out of trouble. -He’s like one of the mayors of Harlem, you know what I mean? And it’s like this is an institution. You have buses lined up here. -I used to get my hair done […]


Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 ( Mayo ) ( BBQ Sauce ) LET’S EAT!! First bite of the Bacon Cheeseburger is all yours! So good! There’s nothing like a homemade cheeseburger! Thanks for watching!

10 Fast Food Hacks You Didn’t Know About

Preserve a Whole Fast Food Meal with SCIENCE

In today’s video, we’re going to see what happens if we take two popular fast food meals, and pull all of the moisture out of them. What’s going to be left? [Music] Guys, we have a new freeze dryer, and you have seen this do at least one really weird thing with it so far. […]

Eating EVERY Korean menu item at Quarters Kitchen! ft. vivalastina | Going In

[Music] Where are we right now? This is really nice. Okay, so here’s what we’re going to do today. Okay. We’re in Yorba Linda, California, It’s a new shopping center, there’s a new spot here called Quarters Kitchen. But it’s made by the same people… The one with K-Town, the famous KBBQ? Exactly. The legendary […]

Kid’s Kitchen | Just Joking—LOL

what did the cheeseburger named its daughter what is the worst thing you’re likely to find a school cafeteria the food what I want potato chips a to the other shall we go for a dip [Music]

Secrets Fast Food Companies Don’t Want You To Know

– [Narrator] You may enjoy going out for a burger and fries, or a late-night taco or two, but you probably don’t know the fast food companies’ secrets. You might just think twice about that fast food run after you hear what may be lurking in the soda machine, what your chicken nuggets are really […]