HOW TO CHANGE YOUR KITCHEN TAP – Monobloc Mixer – Plumbing Tips

–, honest reviews and advice. Hold tight and welcome to today’s video. My name’s James. Today, we’re gonna have a look at or kind of revisit a video on how to change a kitchen tap. The one we’ve got in the background here has basically fallen to pieces. The guy who lives (mumbles) […]


– Hello, if you’ve been lucky enough to stumble across this video all about how to change a kitchen sink and tap over from start to finish, then great. We’re going to be looking into that any second now. Before we do, I’d like to ask you to please subscribe to our videos and […]

GCT Kitchen Commercial

Coach McClutterson here. What’s with all of the coffee mugs? Are you a barista? Get rid of them! What is this, 1815? Ladle, ladle, ladle, I just gave 3 away. Hey! Tragic! Really? My son liked to bang them around. Wait, this son? He has a mustache! Getting rid of your stuff is hard. But […]

Does Microwaving Food Destroy Its Vitamins?

[♪ INTRO] The microwave is a marvelous invention. It’s a quick, convenient way to heat up plenty of foods, from frozen dinners to leftover soup. But that makes a lot of people question how good it is for you: do microwaves change the nutritional value of food? The short answer is: yes, they do. But […]

Kids in the Kitchen – CHANGE IN MOOD ( Audio & Video Enhanced )

Look so careful For a fault Wait one minute Say no more Bewildered then Bewildered now Conceal forever Is this the end? I’m waiting, I’m changing… Now my eyes are open wide Fear in voice, I remember Change in mood I can sense it Changing every day I remember infatuation It’s a figure of your […]

Interview with Mona Baker

Good morning. -Good morning. We’re here today with Mona Baker, Professor Emerita of Translation Studies at the University of Manchester. Thank you for having us. -Thank you for the interview. Professor Baker, Translation Studies, how did it emerge? And how has it evolved in the last decade? It’s a difficult question because it goes back […]

SOLAR COOKING 46" Parabolic Mirror Solar Stove Solar Oven GreenPowerScience

you eleven I'm your host Dan Rojas and I have a frozen turkey patty which we're going to be cooking in this black cast iron pan this is a 46 inch deeper parabolic mirror the focal length on this acrylic mirror is about 17 to 18 inches and what I've done is I've made a […]

Carrots and cupcakes: healthy eating made simple | Niki Bezzant | TEDxQueenstown

we're surrounded by advice about healthy eating it's everywhere we go it's on television it's in the newspaper it's on TV it's just about every social interaction that we have as well but a funny thing has happened in the face of all this healthy eating advice we're getting less and less healthy and we're […]

GCT Kitchen Commercial

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WHO: Our health, our future

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