American Kids Try Ethiopian Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– You really went to Africa to just get this food? I didn’t even know that was a real town. (growls repeatedly) – Looks good. – It smells spicy. (hums softly) (hums softly) – Is this some kind of yummy thing? I’m thirsty. (laughter) – Bo. (hums uncomfortably) – Spicy! – I do not like […]

Kids Try Fermented Foods | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– [Male Interviewer] What do you think we’re gonna eat today? I’ll give you 100 dollars if you’re right. – Mmmm Rice! (upbeat guitar music) – [Female Interviewer] Hi! – Hi! – [Female Interviewer] Do you know what you’re here to do today? – Try food. – [Female Interviewer] Today, we’re gonna be trying foods […]

Kids Try Puerto Rican Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– [Together] Shout out to all my Puerto Rican’s. (upbeat music) – Hey I’m Maddox and today I’m trying food from Puerto Rico. Wait, what? – [Producer] You guys know where Puerto Rico is? – No – Yes – Yeah Puerto Rico! (speaking spanish) – [Female Producer] We’re ready! Okay! Open your eyes. – Puerto […]

Gummy vs Real Food Showdown

– Today we try our hardest to pick the gummy. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy theme music) Good mythical summer. – I love gummy bears, but I hate regular bears, they’re too gamey, and they might eat you before you can eat them. But today, we’re going to try other gummy foods, and see […]

When Bachelors Cook For The First Time |#TSETuesdays| Cooking Challenge | Funny Videos

When Bachelors Cook For The First Time

What’s in the BOX Challenge!! **LIVE ANIMALS** Gross Giant Slime Orbeez & Real Food vs. Gummy Food

– Oh, my gosh! Oh, what is that? I hope I’m not hurting it, I’m pinching it really hard. (screaming) You challenged us to do the what’s in the box challenge. Today, I’m here with Coyote Peterson from Brave Wilderness. – What’s going on, guys? – And we’re about to stick our hands in this […]

Brother vs Sister Superhero Pancake Art Challenge | Kids Cooking and Crafts

Hello everybody welcome back to kids cooking and crafts I’m Ava, and I’m Corbin and today We’re gonna do a sister versus brother pancake art challenge As you can tell this is going to be a superhero themed challenge so this is how it’s gonna work We’re gonna pick a superhero out of this Cup […]

Kids Try Jamaican Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– I don’t like to eat animals. – [Woman] Do you still like bacon? – Uh yeah, because I don’t know if it’s an animal, and it’s good. (playful music) – Hi! – [Woman] Who are you? – Austin! – [Woman] What are you here to do today? – Try Kids Food! – [Woman] Kids […]

Kids Try British Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– This is medicine. (upbeat music) (child singing gibberish) – This is a lot. – Whoa. – I like bacon. – Yummy. (chewing) It’s everything I like on one platter. – Wait, is it breakfast? In Seattle, it’s kinda dinner. – I like everything on the plate. Yes. – No, I don’t even know what […]

American Kids Try Dutch Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Ew. I don’t like it. – Why me? I wish it was called that. (cheerful music) – I hope it’s a treat! (laughing) – What is this? – Is that fish inside? – Pickles. – I love pickles. Mm. – What? – No they do not! – Pickled fish? Pickled. Fish. – I heard […]