SCALLOPS Catch and Cook on the Beach (and Lobster diving!)

hey! So nice! Very clear innit! Yeah man There’s a umm nice big crab down there matey ummm where? WHere the guns pointing I Spotted a crab captain joe pk comes over visibility Eight meters. Yeah, and then he goes down and I think he’s gonna pick the crab up and ee comes up with […]

배스 잡아서 배스떡국 만들어 먹자! [Catch and cook Bass]

Hello~ Happy new year~! Self-Sufficiency Life I came here to catch bass, but i saw someone cleaning the fish. So, now i’m heading to there. Sir, is it bass? Yes? Yes! Ah~~ How do you eat that? This? Yes. Me… as like cooking steamed fish.. Yes. Add some dried vegetable.. Ah~ as like cooking steam […]

Catch And Cook Cutthroat Trout Day 10 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

RED FOX Catch, Clean, Cook in DEEP SNOW! | Primitive Bowdrill in the FOREST

I am setting wire snares mainly in search of snowshoe hare which are very common here. Snowshoe hare are dual phase, and will turn brown in the summer. I accidentally caught this red fox in the snare. Red fox are also very common. It’s pelt is not as valuable as it was before, because people […]

Surigao Banagan or Lobster Trap called “Likong” [Catch & Cook]

Good day AniMalupet viewers! Today we have new episode to share with you one of the livelihoods of fishermen here in our town. Catching and trapping lobster. Catching together with my brother, Mang Lito and his son Bomer. This method of catching is called It is made of fishnet and wire. Sliced fish is our […]

TURTLE Catch and cook, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 77

This time is dry season The stream seems to be dried up The shelter is no longer intact Because some dry tree branches fell down Moreover, the humidity is high This shelter will collapse soon because of no human The downstream There is no trace of any animal It seems that this place had been […]

Surigao Traditional Alimango or Mud Crab Trap Called “Panggal” [Catch & Cook]

Good day AniMalupet viewers! Crabbing together with my brother and our neighbor “Dimdim”. Today we will catch mud crabs using this trap. This trap is made up of rattan and stone put at the side of trap that serves as for weighty. By 4 pm we will start dropping our trap. We will go now […]

Catch And Cook Gopher Day 4 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

‘방어’ 직접 잡아서 먹어보자! [Catch and cook Yellowtail]

[Sigh] Two! Two!! Self-Sufficiency Life Today I came to Pohang to ‘yellow tail’ I’m exciting because this is the first time. With this ‘metal jig’ lure, Make yellow tail’s mouth open as misunderstanding to anchovy. After that, The captain gives the instructions. ‘How much time reel out or reel up’ To Floor, depth 30m Depth […]

Catch and Cook Perch ft. Sweden’s Youngest MasterChef | Team Galant

It’s Autumn and I have forgot my food at home, so I need to catch my own food … however I’m not a master at doing so, therefore I’ve brought with me two assistants, Axel and Linus … Axel who have competed during Sweden’s Youngest MasterChef. And some wood. New personal best! – Congrats! Looks […]