you yeah long chat yes it's right jump in yes fine LD the queen bee was right Oh what did you say are examining oh I thought you said something no oh what'd you say I didn't say anything no I thought you said nothing no no you know it wasn't me the interesting thing […]

ZEUS only to GLOBAL ELITE in cs:go

think Seuss only to global Italy and a clock is 3:00 in the morning so this cometh got 20 up boats the last videos so yeah let's do it but I'm gonna have to change something on the seat decide so I think I'm gonna play with the five-seven instead the most stupid thing is […]

Design Thinking & Strategy – Good Kitchen Case Study

to illustrate the design thinking process that we've been talking about I'd like to tell you a story about design thinking in action as we go through that story I will note different tools and approaches that are being used then at the end of the session I'll tell you about some additional resources we […]

The WI Cookery School presents: How to make shortcrust pastry

hello my name is Kenny major and I work at the WI cookery school and I'm going to show you how to make short crisp pastry now we're going to be using the traditional methods of it where we're going to be actually plumbing our PSAPs with our flowers now you see here that I've […]

Top 5 Health Care Management Jobs

hey this is Richard Gaiden president CEO of health career professionals and in this video I want to talk about the top five jobs in health care management now they may not be the jobs that you think they are and they're not the top five for the reasons you might think they are here's […]