11 Classic Dim Sum Dishes You MUST Try!

So check it out It’s Trevor James I am in Guangzhou China At a very famous dim sum restaurant It’s full of local people All chowin’ down On some of the most amazing looking dim sum So we’re going to order up And try it out Dim sum This is big Dim sum is so […]

INSANE Chinese Street Food in Canton, China | BEST Street Food in China + RARE Chinese Sashimi!

INSANE Chinese Street Food in Canton, China | BEST Street Food in China + RARE Chinese Sashimi!

We Are Surprised – FIRST TIME Trying Hong Kong Food 🇭🇰

oh yeah it’s like oh sorry so this is what I really love and why I like hanging out with locals because he had showed us behind down this alleyway we entered a wet market this is cream everything down to and I know the peanuts they believe that the penis gives it’s like a […]

Sun Kitchen Albert Park

Hi I’m Lee Chan, you’re watching Lee Chan’s Cravings. We’re at Sun Kitchen today in the picturesque Albert Park It’s the perfect spot for a sunset date night a special occasion or if you just want to treat yourself to an authentic Cantonese and Sichuan fine dining experience Their carefully curated menu consists of Wagyu […]

GOD LEVEL Chinese Food With MY FAMILY!!! INSANE Chinese Food Tour With 7 FOOD RANGER FAMILY!

– Alright, check it out guys. This is Trevor James. I am with my family. We’ve got Tseng’s parents and brother. And my parents here, we’re in Guangzhou, China and today is an ultra special occasion. We are gonna be having a Cantonese food adventure. Let’s check it out. (laughing) Get ready for Cantonese food […]

365 Chinese Cuisine | Ep.20170331 – 【Cantonese Cuisine】

365 Cantonese Cuisine This is a video about Chinese Cuisine Each episode will introduce different types of Chinese Cuisine. Now we are in a Cantonese Cuisine restaurant And the name of the restaurant is called victory restaurant What is the different between the black one and the white one? Oh the chopsticks? Oh, for this […]

Cantonese Cuisine in MANILA CHINATOWN | Best Place to Eat Chinese Food in Binondo Manila

Hong Kong Street Food – DIM SUM HEAVEN + World's BEST Roast Goose!! ICONIC Street Food in Hong Kong!