Hello friends and not-yet-friends, Jackfruit transforms chickpea salad into the most realistic looking and tasting mock chicken salad. But only if you treat it right! I showed you this in a What I Ate Wednesday video but never made it its own dedicated recipe video. And this vegan chicken salad deserves one! Jackfruit’s flaky texture […]

Febreze for dishes | 22 Minutes

Honey, don’t forget it’s your turn to do the dishes. Mmhmm. I’m serious. The kitchen’s starting to smell. [voiceover] Tired of the hassle of cleaning up after meals? Introducing new Febreze for dishes. It’s patented formula eliminates odors associated with stuck on food and grease, leaving your dishes smelling clean enough to eat off of. […]


– This is heaven. – Props to them for making this. This is delicious. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) It is time to try another country’s food. – Oh no, not again. – (FBE) And we’ve been getting a lot of suggestions to explore some food from Canada. – Oh. I like Canada. […]

Bringing the community together, one dish at a time.

My name is Chris Aerni. My wife and I came to Canada in 1997, originally from Switzerland. We settled in St. Andrews by-the-Sea in the year 2001 and are operating the Rossmount Inn since then. The Rossmount Inn had a history. It was originally built in 1889. It was always a place known where people […]

VEGAN GINGERBREAD COOKIES | Recipe by Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hello friends and not yet friends, Welcome back to Mary’s Test Kitchen where we’re diving right into these easy vegan gingerbread cookies. They’re so delicious with warming spices, a bit tender on the inside with crisp chewy edges when they’re fresh out the oven. And with super simple decorator’s icing for all your fun designs; […]


We’re in my hometown of London, Ontario and we were sitting around this morning thinking how we haven’t really eaten anything today and fantasizing about all the delicious Canadian foods that we can get while we’re home here in Canada. And at one point I was just like, “Let’s just make a video about it. […]

Cozy Easy Vegan Meals for One // What I Ate Vegan | Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hello friends and not yet friends! Welcome back to another What I Ate Wednesday where we’re staying cozy with vegan meals so easy, you could probably make them with your eyes closed. Only…on second thought, please don’t. Please do grab yourself a snack or drink because as always, these video will make you hungry! As […]

What I Ate VEGAN IN VANCOUVER | Mary’s Test Kitchen

Good morning, my friends and not-yet friends. Welcome back to Mary’s Test Kitchen where I usually share delicious vegan recipes but today I’m sharing the most wonderful vegan restaurants I visited on my trip home to Vancouver, BC – and tell you which dishes were the most worth it and what you should try if […]

Star Baker Dessert Week: Linda Longson | The Great Canadian Baking Show

DAN: So, bakers, I have the fun job this week of announcing star baker. Congratulations, Linda. [cheering & clapping] LINDA: Star baker! It was great. It was a good week for me. Really good week for me. ROCHELLE: I’m so thrilled for Linda. She has just brought all her experience, all her patience… Her skills […]

CHICKWHEAT! | How to make shreddable vegan chicken seitan | Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hello friends and not yet friends! Welcome back to Mary’s Test Kitchen where I tease you with upcoming videos then disappear for weeks. Explanations and updates at the end of this video ’cause for now, you probably want to know more about this very chicken-looking, shreddable, soy free, mushroom free, high protein vegan meat. It’s […]