The Brixton Soup Kitchen Helping The Homeless | Amazing Humans

I started feeding the homeless when I was 11 years old. My mum would cook like there’s 34 people in the house and when I was on my way to school I used to just hand out packs to people. I started this in 2013 with no funds. I was literally using my own wages […]

Push Ups on Red Bull Cans | Whitney’s Kitchen Gymnastics

Hello folks and welcome to Kitchen Gymnastics! I’m your host, Whitney Bjerken and today I am going to be doing Red Bull Push Ups. Now, I don’t normally drink Red Bull But when I do I drink Red Bull So, basically what I am doing is I am going to put my hands here, my […]

Winter Super Food Earthy How to 7-Grains & 5-Lentils with Vegetables Stew – Khichdi Video Recipe

welcome to Bhavna’s kitchen today I’m making seven grains and five lentils khichdi (stew) now you must be thinking what is seven grains and five lentil Khichdi today I’m going to show you how you can prepare your own grain mix and lentil mixes at home easily and you can prepare healthy recipes using those […]

Butter cookies recipe | egg-less butter biscuits | easy cookie recipes | Tamil – English Subtitles

Hi Friends Welcome to Christilla’s Cooking We are going to make cookies I made these cookies for my baby It is very healthy and tasty Come lets see how to make them 1 1/3 cups of wheat flour 2 cups corn flour 1 cup palm sugar 200g unsalted butter Salt for taste I use this […]

Budweiser UK: King of BBQs | Bud & BBQs

Anyone can BBQ but it takes a king to get it right. The meat, the temperature, the technique. Question is, Britain: Have you got what it takes to be king of BBQ? Go on, let’s see what you can do and enter our search for Budweiser’s King of BBQ today. This Bud’s for you, Britain. […]

Critmas Cookies I Vanila Chocolate Cookies I How to make Cookies ? I Cookies

Hello Guys welcome back now You are Watching My YouTube channel PNPCOOKINGTV today I am going to make something a especial something different then something very Interesting for you because this is I try to make myself my style so I just try to make some cookies For Christmas, so it’s very near, i mean […]

How to Make Cookie Icing

Why buy preservative filled, store-bought cookie icing, when you can make your own in just 3 easy steps. You need confectioners sugar, milk, corn syrup, And we’re adding a little almond extract for flavor. Step One: Mix it up In a small bowl, stir together confectioners sugar and milk until smooth. Then, beat in corn […]

Divas Can Cook Channel Trailer

Welcome to Divas Can Cook! I’m Monique and here is where I share my love and passion for for easy, Southern, from scratch cooking! Now I grew up attending one of the most priceless culinary schools in the south, know as Grandma’s Kitchen! My grandma Barb continues to pass down so many tried and true […]

Quickasteam Microwave Cooking Bags 1-2 Serving Bags. 25 bags per pack

Quickasteam Microwave Cooking Bags from Turn your microwave into a healthy steam cooking system using Quickasteam, the new microwave cooking bag you can have beautifully cooked food in minutes and because its steamed your food retains all its flavour and goodness simply pop your food into the Quickasteam bag peel of the protective strip […]

Homemade Sour Cream Dip – Fast and Easy

What are you going to show us how to make, MO? We’re going to show you how to make dip. As always you can find precise recipe in the link in the description. Here we have a new cutting board. We want to show you how you can put in things. Nothing will drop over […]