How to have an Efficient RV Kitchen, Small but super organized

Hey howz it going Dan Here and you know what I like to cook a lot and people ask me how do you cook so much in that small RV Kitchen so I wanted to do is show you today my kitchen and actually how easy it is you just need to be organized and […]

GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen 24

(dramatic music) – Hi. My name’s Lisa. And I work here at Snowys Outdoors. We’ve had a request from one of our customers, Jake, to have a chat to you about the GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen 24. It’s a 24 piece kitchen set that caters for four people and it comes in a nylon case. […]

Back Country Cuisine – How to cook

Hi my name is Frank Crossan, I’m the Managing Director of Back Country Foods based in New Zealand. We’re here today in the Lower South Island to show you how to prepare and use our meals for any situation. Okay, first up we’re going to use the Fameless Heater Pack. On the front of the […]

Kashmir Travel and Food Vlog | Travelling Srinagar, Pahalgam | Kashmiri Cuisine – Camping

Hello, viewers welcome to our channel. Today I have reached Srinagar. And now at Srinagar’s Dal lake. Can you see this? This is the complete Dal lake. I’m having so much fun as the weather is so calm to roam about. It was too sunny yesterday and couldn’t make out. Actually I reached here yesterday […]

Tuna Casserole – Canteen Cup Cooking – Backwoods Cuisine with Plain Phillip

Hi friends! Welcome to cooking with Just Plain Phillip. Today we’re going to have a little Backwoods Cuisine. I’m down here at the Falls of the Ohio. It’s a beautiful day, the sun is out. We’ve got a little break from the wind down here. Going to do a little cooking. Today I’m planning to […]

Survival Cuisine • Extreme Wilderness Pro With Jerry Loven

(Intro Music) Hello friends. This is Extreme Wilderness Pro. I’m Jerry Loven. Boy, who’s hungry? Knowing where to find food and water is essential for wilderness survival. Here’s a few tips to help you out! Look for for plants that produce fruits and berries. Remember, there’s no such things as a bad berry. A good […]

How to Set Up a Hunting Blind with Keith Warren –

My name is Keith Warren, I host a TV show called “The High Road” and I’m here for OpticsPlanet to help you determine a good place on where to haul a gun for example, right now we are looking for a good place to put up a hog blind where we can hunt out of, […]

Review of Ration Available in SA: Back Country Cuisine 24H Classic Ration Pack Part 2 of 2

Hi This is BlindFox welcome at the second part of the backcountry cuisine plastic ration pack ration review this is not a South African ration I know or made in South Africa this is made in New Zealand I got this in South Africa though I got this from the survivalist or co to za […]

Why Should I Buy The Megamaster 3 Burner Plancha Cooking Braaier?

[Music] Say hello to the Megamaster 3 burner planchar gas grill and to a refreshingly versatile style of cooking the three burner plungers compact proportions make it the ideal tabletop companion at home or even on the road its durable stainless steel construction is designed to withstand all elements and it comes with its own […]

Making Cowboy Coffee With a Spin / Kauboi ehk pätikohv – Easy Outdoors Cooking

Hello fellow outdoorsies today, we are making cowboy coffee. Yah First bring the water to boil, obviously. Pätikohvi tegemiseks lase kõigepealt vesi keema. And how much water? About 8 ounces of water for each cup for coffee you make Seejärel lisa kohvipuru. Kaks lusikatäit iga tassi kohta. Once the water is boiling, remove the pot […]