How to Cook Ginisang Repolyo with Chicken

Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy! Every new year, we have our own New Year’s Resolution. Most of us wants to lose weight. Or maybe some of us wants to start eating healthy. In short, we do not want dishes that has high in calories. That is why today, the dish we will be making is not […]

17 Best Restaurants in Quebec City | Top Local Food and Nightlife Guide

Eating in Quebec is my favorite thing That’s right eating in Quebec is pretty epic. Quebec City has to be one of the best foodie designations in North America combing French gastronomical traditions with the uniquely Canadian twist. We’ve been to Quebec City twice now, once in the winter and once in the summer, and […]

PIXAR FEST FOOD ADVENTURE (2018) – Pizza Planet | Cafe Orleans | Lucky Fortune Cookery

ready, ready for Disney, I got new ears for Pixar fest because one they’re like really adorable they have like the little aliens super cute oh there’s a bee not a bee I don’t do bee’s what is it bees today they know it’s spring and like and then it’s like windy so then they […]

5 Budget Tips for Hosting a Holiday Luncheon + $27 Ralph’s Grocery Haul (all sale items)

hi everyone its melissa here today as you can see i’m expecting company for a holiday luncheon my husband has a friend from out of town visiting us here in los angeles i’m doing a very simple lunch today on a budget as a bonus if you want to stick around I just hoofed it […]

Lucky Fortune Cookery: Vegan DCA

I got that joke very hey guys listen here I'm a Californian or chair at lucky fortune I coconut like so and I do not know how to use chopsticks yeah it looks actually really yummy in a healthier option I guess if that's what you're looking for in the work I'm usually drawn to […]

The Simpsons Panel At Comic-Con 2019 | THE SIMPSONS

(SINGING) I loveevery ape I see, from chimpan-ay to chimpanzee. [audience laughs and applauds] (NORMALLY) My personal. [music playing] So here's theeducational portion of– of my part of this panel. If– try to make yourself laugh. I tried to make other peoplelaugh, and that never worked. But when I started toturn my humor on myself […]


we knew you so guys today we are at house of chimney cakes here in Anaheim California check this out they got all these good delights some desserts today we got the watch a monster and then we have the technical birthday cake right here so they specialize and chimney cakes right here they're kind […]

California Health: Bakersfield ranks among the worst air quality in the United States

Kern County has some of the worst air in the country in fact the American Lung Association maintains that Bakersfield is one of the most polluted cities in the history of their survey in this week's California Health 23 ABC's Scott Sheehan talked with the Valliere district about how they're trying to improve our air […]


you gotta smile make the Sun Rise make it shine but I can see that you don't be and that's one day with everybody today we are at a parent public here in Cerritos California we got special guests all right someone is not here so we sent her little sister to fill in her […]