Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

When designing an outdoor kitchen project, the key to success is a well thought out plan. That’s right. There’s a lot of things to consider to ensure your finished product matches your expectations. In the next couple of minutes we’re going to go through the tips and tricks on how to create a functional, yet […]

How to Make Appliance Kitchen Cabinets // Studio Kitchen – Ep. 2

Today we’re making a countertop, a sink and the coolest tap ever. Let’s get started! There isn’t a square angle in this place or even a straight wall or floor, so it means that I need to cut the right side of the countertop at an angle to make things look right. If I rest […]

Kitchen Cabinet Design Decisions

Choosing kitchen cabinets is generally one of the first steps in a kitchen renovation. It is important to think about these issues early in the planning process. Here are 5 factors to consider in selecting cabinets. Price. Most experts say kitchen cabinets account for about half of the total cost of kitchen renovations. Finish. What […]

Top 5 Kitchen Interior Design Ideas | Tips and Trends for Home Decor

Are you planning your dream kitchen? if your kitchen layout needs renovating or you simply want to refresh your color scheme, now is the perfect time to create the kitchen of your dreams! Hi guys, I’m Zahira Cury for those who don’t know me, I’m an architect, founder of D.Signers and in this video I […]

How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink Cabinet

Hi, everyone. I’m Alejandra from Alejandra.TV. And in this video, I’m going to show you how to organize underneath your kitchen cabinet or underneath your kitchen sink in the kitchen cabinet. But first, if you’re looking to get organized, you can check out my free organizing video series on my website, Alejandra.TV. The link is […]

10 Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas & Upgrades to Try

[Applause] like your kitchen but wish it had a little more pizzazz you can transform the innards of your cabinets just like you'd find in new high-end state-of-the-art cabinets all you need is basic tools along with inexpensive building materials you can get complete instructions by logging on to the Family Handyman comm website and […]


hi everybody welcome to my channel my name is Brandi and today I want to discuss how we transform the look of our oak cabinets to this beautiful shade of white that's right behind me and we use the general finish's milk paint in the color snow-white to get here small children and pets oh […]

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets | This Old House

before we paint anything is very important to decrease all the surfaces that we're going to paint to spray some of the cleaner on to a clean cloth and scrub the surface to remove all of the grease and oil so that the paint will stick really well to the surface using a palm sander […]