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– I think I was like three, and I remember seeing the head of a pig in a trash can and that’s how you know you’re Cuban. (upbeat cheerful music) – The 24th is the big day. – Traditionally, we celebrate Noche Buena. – And then the food is like the main dish. – Yeah. […]

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– I’m a baker! – This is maybe both illegal and kind of unethical. – [Narrator] We’re back in the Try Guys Test Kitchen. – We have a whole season of Without A Recipe. – The show where amateur bakers try and make normal dishes without a recipe, without ingredients, and without hope. I’m a […]

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– Okay, so here we are. Here’s another episode of Eating Your Feed. So, we have both been on here before. – Yeah. – I saw you boil the peach. ^That was pretty neat. ^- Who knew peaches looked like that on the inside? Yeah, I had no idea what I was doing in there. […]