STEAKS Cooked in BUTTER many ways | Guga Foods

Angel this is the golden dip steak. What? Are you ready for this? Boom! Golden dip! The golden dip baby! Check it out! Butter and steak is the perfect marriage. Whenever you’re cooking our steak and it’s almost done when finishing it with butter it takes it to another level. I am one of those […]

Easy Fluffy Pancakes Recipe

2 egg yolks (large eggs). 1 tbsp of milk. 1 tsp of vanilla sugar Whisk 4 tbsp of all-purpose flour. 1/2 tsp baking powder. Sift over the egg yolk mixture. Mix until well-blended Egg whites from 2 large eggs 2 tbsp of sugar Beat until firm Add a half portion of meringue to the egg […]

Meatloaf Recipe – Lunch with friends

Today is holiday which is best time for gathering together Weekends are good time for people come together in one place I asked my friends to come and have a lunch with us Now i’m going to shop For now our trolley is empty but it will be gradually full vegetables were done now is […]

Chicken Meat Balls Tasty_ Kofta Chicken Macroni_ Cooking With Hani

Homemade Sweet Cornbread Recipe

Wow this is really good. Today we’re making cornbread. [ music ] Come on in. Welcome to my home. It is a crazy time of year here it is absolutely crazy trying to get everything done in time for Thanksgiving and stay out of the way of everything which is going on with Thanksgiving so […]

Carrots in Cartouche/Cooked in a Bag | Jamie Oliver

So guys I’m gonna show you a brilliant side dish that is so beautiful, delicious and really fun to put together. It’s carrots cooked in the bag with thyme, butter, and beautiful white wine so as it cooks and steams like the liquid sort of drips back on itself and it almost like self bastes, […]

Sweet Potato Pan-Dumplings with Bacon Butter – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with sweet potato pan dumplings with bacon butter that’s right before this recipe was a smashing success it was an epic failure and i came very close to tossing everything in the bin halfway through but i didn’t i pressed on and the results were amazing […]


Guys let’s start this video off with a giveaway My friends over at venture frog are giving away the first 50 people who watched this video a grenade Let’s start this video off with the giveaway guys my friends over at adventurer frog are giving away a grenade for the first 50 people who watches […]

How to make Apple Strudel (Apfelstrudel) – Recipe

VIENNA FOODTRIP: APPLE STRUDEL Butter 100 g bread crumbs 100 g sugar 2 tbsps vanilla sugar 1 pinch cinnamon powder 1,5 kg apples, slice into thin slices 1 lemon (juice) 60 g raisins Mix it Brush the pastry dough… …with butter Distribute apples over pastry Roll it Brush with melted butter Bake with 180°C for […]