Apple CEO Tim Cook faces criticism for pulling Hong Kong map app

9 Bizarre Food Items That Disappeared From The McDonald’s Menu

Commercial: For a limited time, the McLobster sandwich is ashore at McDonald’s. Filled with Atlantic Canadian lobster meat and crispy lettuce on a fresh bun, it’s bound to make a splash with everyone. Narrator: Uh, yeah. That was on the McDonald’s menu at one point. McDonald’s is constantly trying out new menu items to stay […]

Sneaky Ways Fast Food Restaurants Get You To Spend Money

This is a Number 3 from McDonald’s: a burger, fries, and a drink. It costs $11 in New York City. Fast food is supposed to be cheap and convenient, but do you ever find yourself spending more on fast food than you expected to? You’re not alone. According to one study, Americans spend around $1,200 […]

Health Care Crush: 5 trades

피어 집안의 물 쥬스 r 페이스도 물 주스 1인 1pc 3 4 생업에 허 려원 뜬 줄 a art 어디인지 아세요 물결 희생이 뽑아 카케루 3 법은 아츠 다하고 셀러 8.4 아쉬워 한 번 일쑤다 뉴스 뜻으로 각 절에 앞에 좋게 또 의 로드스타 테스트 뿐 이카르트 뿌린 다음 마켓 약 카프리 어떻게 조용했고 둘만 […]

Democrats clash over eliminating private health insurance at first debate

we're gonna turn to the issue of healthcare right now and really try to understand whether may or may not be daylight between you many people watching at home have health insurance coverage through their employer who here would abolish their private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan just to show hands start […]

Here's where the Democratic candidates stand on health care

this is a very important issue so the plan that senator Sanders and I and others support Medicare for all is how you get to single-payer but it has a Buy in transition period which is really important in 2005 when I ran for Congress in a two-to-one Republican district I actually ran on Medicare […]

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Health care is a basic human right I will fight for

Trump signs executive order to increase health care transparency

meanwhile we're getting sent here to see the president sign another executive order today here's the bullet points on this one this is all about health care cost clarity what the president is doing today is going to require hospitals and insurers to disclose negotiated rates for different services that they provide and also also […]

Why China Can't Hide Its Health Scandals

China has faced a series of health scandals over the past decade among the list of tainted goods were toothpaste pet food fish toys milk powder blood thinners cooking oil pork and most recently vaccines where the authorities used to downplay scandals and sweep them under the rug this vaccine scare shows just how much […]