Cooking WILD GOOSE Burger In The FOREST (Start-to-Finish) | ASMR (Silent)

This is late season goose opener. Setting up goose decoys. Making sure they face into the wind. Warming up the goose call, it’s cold. The geese will start to fly at day break. The geese come in for corn left here by the farmer. We are hiding just inside the edge of the trees where […]

Bushcraft In December | Bushcraft Cooking Pot System

It’s December. I’ve got my bushcraft gear with me. We’re bushcrafting in December. Hi folks I’m Craig Taylor and as always a huge thanks for joining me here on my youtube channel the bushcraft Padawan if you enjoy watching this video I’m not yet a subscriber and would like to improve your bushcraft skills then […]

Cooking BLACK BEAR in the FOREST | WILD Fresh Smoked Fish | ASMR (Silent)

Black bear is very common in Northern Ontario, Canada. Harvesting black bear is important to keep the heard balanced. Black bears will pray on moose calves. We are preparing a gambrel to help hold the bear up for processing. The stick is being inserted just under the Achilles tendon. Now the animal can be made […]

PRIMITIVE SURVIVAL SKILLS | Smoking Meat Over the Fire Cooking

Cooking DANGEROUS SNAKE on a Stick, MudBugs, Tree-Berries | ASMR (Silent)

Cactus. Wild foods are plentiful in the South of Texas. Just need to know where to look. Rattlesnakes are amazingly camouflaged. They are also extremely venomous. This is an early warning…stay away. This snake is coiled and ready to strike. Wild animals deserve and enormous amount of respect. Bob is showing the teeth which can […]

Backpacking Food for a One Night Trip

What’s up guys? So I’m packing Michelle and I’s food for our overnight trip this weekend to the Grayson Highlands in Virginia. I just thought I would take a quick second here to show you guy what we are packing for a simple over-nighter. As you can see, here is all the food that Michelle […]

RED FOX Catch, Clean, Cook in DEEP SNOW! | Primitive Bowdrill in the FOREST

I am setting wire snares mainly in search of snowshoe hare which are very common here. Snowshoe hare are dual phase, and will turn brown in the summer. I accidentally caught this red fox in the snare. Red fox are also very common. It’s pelt is not as valuable as it was before, because people […]

Best And Most Epic Chicken (BUSHCRAFT) ASMR Style Cooking – Ancient Cooking Method

Best And Most Epic Chicken (BUSHCRAFT) ASMR Style Cooking – Ancient Cooking Method campfire in a beautiful garden making a bbq sauce with salt, chili powder, black pepper and cooking oil marinate the chicken with bbq sauce making yogurt sauce with green chili and coriander bbq chicken legs are ready

Barbecue (BBQ) Ham and Eggs | The Forest Kitchen | Off Grid Log Cabin Build, Ep.6 S1

(fire crackling) (water running) (birds chirping) (insects buzzing) (hammering) (pen scraping) – Bugs are just starting up again today. It was a cool night, down to nine degrees Celsius or eight degrees, I think, this morning, so the bugs are very bad early this morning but now I see the mosquitoes are starting to come […]

I GOT HURT Building a PRIMITIVE KITCHEN in the Forest

(upbeat music) (water gurgling) (ax thudding) – What’s up? What’s up? You trying to fetch? (dog panting) So, it’s been over a week since I took all the sand out of the stove or out of the oven, but it’s still not feeling dry enough to start a fire in there. So, I’m probably going […]