Whole Grill Chicken On A Bamboo Stick – Primitive Cooking

Whole Grill Chicken On A Bamboo Stick Primitive Cooking Chicken making fire with woods our outdoor kitchen outdoor cooking salt red chili powder cumin coriander powder black pepper powder soy sauce cooking oil mix all the ingridients bamboo stick through the chicken put the chicken on heated charcoal paste spices on chicken with brush making […]

Bushcraft Spicy Beef Steak – Outdoor Cooking

Bushcraft Spicy Beef Steak – Outdoor Cooking kitchen with bachelors episode 26 beef steak adding salt black pepper powder cumin seeds chili powder making of outdoor kitchen making fire adding oil in pan steak with spices changing the side of steak please subscribe our channel and click on bell icon medium rare steak is ready

She Digs It | The Forest Kitchen | Off Grid Log Cabin Build, Ep.4 S1

(fire crackling) (bird chirping) – No, hey, out. You’ll get hurt. Dig. Good girl. (fire crackling) (wind rustling) Good girl, stay there. (birds chirping) (wind rustling) Can you bring that here, please? Thank you Cali. Cali, bring it here, please. So, I know a lot of you haven’t seen that video of me showing where […]

Wooden Kitchen Tools – How To Make Homestead Style

Alright today on Repairs101 I�m going to show you how to take some ordinary lumber scraps and turn them into useful tools for the kitchen or campsite or � they make great gifts too. Everybody has their own idea of what type of wood to use but like the pioneers I use what�s grown locally. […]

Swedish Torch/Stove Vertical Cooking: My Bushcraft Recipes

Hello friends this is Max Egorov and you’re watching a video about an original outdoorsman dish that I called a vertical shish kebab it is essentially a potato spiral with a hotdog inside I cook different variations of the vertical shish kabab dish in the video I have baked spiral potato skewers on a traditional […]

Porcupine Catch and Cook Clean | Learn The Primitive Hangi | Corn Meal Bread With Mortar & Pestle

check it out Jay we got a porcupine we think looks pretty good yeah Adam Adam got it for us I told him I wanted a porcupine and he said all right she kept an eye out so you got this for us Adam Craig outdoors so we're gonna do with this is going to […]

Camp Fire Cooking: BBQ Pork Belly

Oh guys welcome back just got the fire honest you've probably just seen took a while cuz it's been raining non-stop all week today's the only day for this you know some dry patches have popped out I needed to get out needed to do a video needs to do some cooking today I'm gonna […]

Catch And Cook Tiger Trout On The Coffey Spit & Filleted to Grill On The Firebox Camping Stove

that is huge that's bigger than mine yours is a lot bigger than mine isn't it it's tits a lot longer I think yours is fatter I don't think so no either way that's a lot that's a lot of fish meat right there [Laughter] yeah I lady want it I'm gonna start him like […]

Bandito Stew | Backpack Camp Meal Recipe Cooking