DIY Satellite Dish parabolic mirror solar death ray (2018)

In this video I’m making a solar death ray using an old satellite dish. The concept is similar to using a magnifying glass on the sun, concentrating solar energy to a point to create heat using nothing more than the sun’s rays. Several youtube channels document how to do this, like green power science and […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Cooking Naked

Chris: Do you see that video of that guy throwing the- the air can… into an oven indoors? Gus: Oh, yeah, it was like a wood-burning stove? *Gavin laughs* When it- when it exploded it, looked like… … shrapnel and bullets, coming straight at the camera, for like a frame or two, You see like… […]

Boiling the french fries and fish fingers or cooking in oven?

There it goes, delicacies delicacy It is being cooked, let’s put it on low heat and let it stew real good Moon is definitely pretty up there, just laying there Beautiful moonlight Delicacies delicacy Which way is better… Which one works better, boiling or using the oven? Sh*t, I forgot these in here Only accepted […]

Blaze damages Baker Produce in Kennewick

At about 11:30 last night, we found a fire that was occurring at the baker produce here. It was called in and at about the same time our crews had noticed smoke in the area and started investigating. On the arrival smoke and flame was noted coming from the building. They went into an aggressive […]


TOP 10 Negative Health Consequences of a Vegan Diet

[Musik] riesenbeck channel 4 news bobby cars video we gonna discuss the top ten active health princess of liegen ja wenig negativ hält consequences of ewigen thalhofer today gone wild ourselves to the most common to be ok just the atomic painting fahrerin ihren goals of the people the us for many people it still […]

NFPA offers cooking safety tips

hi Lisa from nfpa cooking is a leading cause of home fires in fact leading the stovetop unattended is the leading behavior causing cooking fires deaths and injuries you have to be alert when you are cooking if you're a sleepy have taken medication or consumed alcohol that makes you drowsy don't cook or take […]


yo what's good guys we are watching the jungle book I'm watching for the first time Cody what you think Cody's watching as well it's a chilled sad a little pause it actually just quickly why say to two words to you guys Sunday it's Sunday I'll go at 1:00 you know where that come […]


my horse all right cowgirl Lyda bloom horse milk yeah losing weight it's not just a physical thing it's here and it's here fight through it you can do it don't give up hello hi we always get asked how do you guys stay motivated on your weight-loss journey one of the most important things […]

Healthy Sweet Tooth Treats | Desserts

I just got back from the DMV hmm I was really hoping that Jessica was gonna have my back but you know what um she didn't my first mistake was that they actually tell you to look below the camera but I was so brushed you know cuz it's just a big rush everyone's go […]