[ENG/KOR SUB] Italian ARMYS react to BTS cooking Italian Food

Hello Everyone we are … M2B ! So today’s reaction’s a very particular one, because we’re not reacting to any music videos or performances, but rather we’re reacting to a RUN!BTS Episode as you know they uploaded a new episode on their Vlive and they’re cooking Italian food! So, as Italian we’re really excited to […]

K-Pop Group BTS Dish On Who’s Most Romantic, Korea Vs. USA & More Confessions | People NOW | People

RM : Alright guys, it’s time for the ALL : Confess Sesh ! uwu PEOPLE Staff : Go for it. RM: All right, so I’m gonna pick up // JH : YEA RM : a paper // JH : OKAY RM : and read the question // JH : OKAY LET’S GO RM: and answer […]

GREEN FOOD Challenge 😝Green Eggs and Ham Premiere | Netflix

– Hey! I’m Cameron J. Wright. – I’m Isaiah Russell-Bailey. – And today we are at the Green Eggs and Ham Premiere. We’re going to give you a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to be at a premiere. – All right let’s go. – Let’s go. (Upbeat music) – Finally some people […]

Thai curry meets Texas smoked brisket at Eem — Portland’s Signature Dishes

My name is Michael Russell. I’m the restaurant critic at the Oregoian and this is Portland’s Signature Dishes. Today I’m headed to Eem in North Portland to chat with Earl Ninsom and Matt Vicedomini about the dish that launched their restaurant, smoked brisket jungle curry, which combines two distinct cuisines in a brilliant way — […]


Sup! It’s your boy Aleks here Stop! Welcome to Cooking with ya boy. It’s Aleks So here we got a special treat. You may have remembered our octopus friend that we got from the local market. Well, he’s not just for show! Okay? Can’t just be going around friggin’ poaching animals just for some content […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro welcome to my home, today i’m gonna take you on a tour of my new place. Some of you know that I moved in earlier in the year. I just got settled. But before we start, a big thank you to Amazon for sponsoring and collaborating with me to make this […]

BTS (방탄소년단) ‘작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv) feat. Halsey’ Official MV

I’m curious about everything How’s your day Oh tell me What makes you happy Oh text me Your every picture I wanna have it by my pillow oh bae Come be my teacher Teach me everything about you Your 1, your 2 Listen my my baby I’m Flying high in the sky (With the two […]

‘Downton Abbey’ Star Lesley Nicol Admits She’s Not The Best Cook | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– I’m gonna ask this first, because your co-stars had a lot of wardrobe mishaps. (laughs loudly) The banana-hammock might have been my favorite. (laughs) So have you had any? Did you have any on set? – Um, not really. The party people had more mishaps because they had very delicate fabrics and beautiful clothes. […]

BTS Cooking Compilation [ Eng Sub CC]

( Sesame seeds party ) ( Oh… I gained savory tase but lost the dish…. ) ( Another Problem) I made a mistake. I should have added oil first. You told me to trust you ( Jin got in trouble ) i ruined it ( Clam down ) What? You ruined it already? ( i […]

We got Mango Jams & Vegan Pancakes || January Collab (Part 1)

Ha, Hiiii Gauri got me this hat for my birthday, isn’t it great? So I’m back and it’s 2018 now So 2018, I had this crazy idea I wanna try and collab with someone every month for 2018 The don’t necessarily have channels, I just wanna do videos with my friends That’s- that’s the real […]