This Device Turns Cooking Oil Waste Into Fuel | Green Fuels

My name’s James Hygate. I’m the founder and CEO of Green Fuels Ld. In developing markets, there are big mandates they put in place, so India, for example, have mandated 5% of their fuel to be biofuels, and the options are they can make it out of verging crops, or oils like palm oils, etc. […]

Mental Health DAY IN MY LIFE | therapy breakthroughs, mental check, yoga, cleaning

hey everyone welcome back to my channel my name is rene if you guys are new hi welcome to our channel today's video I'm gonna be sharing with you guys a day in my life but today's day in my life I wanted to do something a little bit different I decided to do a […]

GOD IS PICKING YOU UP, Friday Financial Prayers 17 May 2019

the following program is made possible by friends and partners of gfm united prayer and revival ministry if you would like evangelist gabriel fernandez to pray for you in his prayer time kindly send an e-mail to prayer at gable fernandez ministries org or visit the daily prayer list section of our website connect with […]