Village Food in AMAZON RAINFOREST – Lemongrass Ants + EXOTIC Energy Drinks! | Manaus, Brazil!

– Good morning, hope you’re having an amazing day, it’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Manaus in the state of Amazonas, right in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. We’re staying in the city, but today we are gonna go on a village trip, we’re gonna take a boat, we’re gonna go to a local village, […]


Guys let’s start this video off with a giveaway My friends over at venture frog are giving away the first 50 people who watched this video a grenade Let’s start this video off with the giveaway guys my friends over at adventurer frog are giving away a grenade for the first 50 people who watches […]

Poo Bear ft. Justin Bieber & Jay Electronica – Hard 2 Face Reality (Lyric Video)

sometime it’s hard to face reality Even Though You Might Get Mad At Me Sometimes It’s Hard To Face Reality Shoulda been adjusted to my life Had The Opportunity To Stay Away For The Last Time Now you are standing right infront of me It hurts me to know that I lied Tried to protect […]

Amazon Street Food in Belém – UNBELIEVABLE TACACÁ + 13 Lady’s Cooked Lunch at Market in Brazil!

– Hey, everyone, I hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. I’m in the city of Belem in the state of Para, Northern Brazil in the Amazon. There’s such a street food culture. There’s an incredible vibrancy of local products and ingredients. Today we’re gonna go on a street food tour of Belem. […]

Street Food in Brazil – RIO DE JANEIRO Brazilian Food + Attractions in Rio, Brazil!

– Hey, everyone, hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is a city I have wanted to visit my entire life. I still can hardly believe that I’m here. I’m thrilled and locally, they actually say, Hio de Janeiro, which is the real way to say […]

Kids Try Brazilian Food | Kids Vs. Food

– My mind has been blown. How? – This looks delicious. Let’s hope it– oh my gosh. – I love it! ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we have some really fun Brazilian dishes for you to try. – Brazilian? Have I tried Brazilian– I don’t think I’ve tried Brazilian food before. […]

Catch n’ Cook Peacock Bass on a Jon Boat!

what is cookin guys today we are you presume we’re fishing for a peacock bass or do Kannada as they say get to our spot and all lay it out we are guys back down here in são Paulo Brazil ah for those of you who are braiding in my channel my girlfriend is Brazilian […]

5 KG. MONSTER SANDWICH – Brazilian Food Tour in Curitiba, Brazil!

– Hey everyone, I hope you’re having an amazing day, it’s Mark Weins. We just arrived to Curitiba, which is in the south of Brazil in the state of Parana, and in this video we are gonna explore Curitiba, we are going to especially eat some of the southern Brazilian dishes and I’m gonna share […]

Racist Cooking Show | Rudy Mancuso & Hannah Stocking

oh my god! what is going on?! i mean common!! it’s jennifer’s cooking show!! i’m jennifer. duh. i mean common. hello. common baby no kidding. who else is gonna be jennifer?? who el– who else is this good looking… and good looking?? so let’s what kind of special guest we have today!! hey, how are […]

Brazil Food Guide Compilation – Introduction to Brazilian Cuisine

So good morning from Sao Paulo. We had a bit of a late night last night singing Karaoke with friends. But it is our last day in the city so we need to go out and sightseeing. So we’re starting off the morning with a traditional breakfast. So if you have a look down here […]