What’s in the BOX Challenge!! **LIVE ANIMALS** Gross Giant Slime Orbeez & Real Food vs. Gummy Food

– Oh, my gosh! Oh, what is that? I hope I’m not hurting it, I’m pinching it really hard. (screaming) You challenged us to do the what’s in the box challenge. Today, I’m here with Coyote Peterson from Brave Wilderness. – What’s going on, guys? – And we’re about to stick our hands in this […]

Box Office – Scary Stories, The Kitchen, Hobbs & Shaw Second Weekend Drop

Hello and welcome to this week’s Movie Math!

NEW Barbie Baker and Pizza Chef Playset Toy UNBOXING + Mini Pizza Recipe!

Hey, guys it’s Ro i’m hanging out with my dog cookie and this video is a dream come true i’ve always wanted to work with barbie and today it is happening A big thank you to barbie for sponsoring and helping me create This, video they sent me both of these sets to unbox so […]

BOX FORT RESTAURANT CHALLENGE!! 📦🍔 Box Kitchen, Food & More!

all right how do I look you you look great man okay now the restaurants all set up we just gotta wait for our first customer should be any minute now they’ll be crowding and now remember we’re so exclusive we can only take one customer Pappa Jake restaurant a den of 5 stars only […]

Box Fort Sweet Shop Kitchen / AllAroundAudrey

(playful music) – Hi, guys, it’s Audrey and: – Jordan, from JustJordan33. (laughs) – And today we are gonna be chefs in our very own mini kitchen box fort, yeah! – Yeah! – So, as you guys can tell, we’re in our mini kitchen box fort, and we have a bunch of treats we wanna […]

Oreo Mango Dessert Box | Mango Pudding Dessert Box | Oreo Dessert | Yummy Dessert Recipe

BOX WALLA: Snack Unboxing Review + Taste Test | Food Network

hey guys it's Jordan and today we are unboxing a nother snack box this one is called box wallah and I am so excited because this box is so cute I love the aesthetic of it it matches mine personally and I'm very excited to see when it's in this beautiful box this box has […]

MiamMiam: Snack Unboxing Review + Taste Test | Food Network

hey everyone my name is Jordan I'm a staffer here at the Food Network and today I'm going to be unboxing a snack box for you guys this one came all the way from France I'm so excited it is called Miam Miam if that is how you pronounce this I'm not French but I […]