Cooking Tips : How to Cut Beef Against Grain

To slice meat against the grain, first start off with your steak. Lie it horizontally on the board and find out which way the grain lies. Usually on meat, you’ll find wherever the muscle fibers are going, that?s where the grain is. On this particular meat, the muscle grains are going this way. I’ve already […]

Cooking Tips : How to Stuff Calamari

To stuff squid, start with one of the squid tubes. You’re gonna open it up and it should be clean. You can usually buy these already clean from the fishmonger. Next, when you open it up you’ll see that there’s a hollow tube in which you can use for stuffing. Take your stuffing, whatever it […]

Cooking Vocabulary in English – chop, grill, saute, boil, slice…

Hi again. Welcome back to I’m Adam. Today’s lesson is a very interesting one. It’s one of my favourites. Why? Because I love to eat. Actually, a long time ago, before I was a teacher, before I did any of that, I went to culinary school. “Culinary” — I learned how to cook. I […]

Cooking Glossary

Sitting down to eat or share a good meal that you’ve just made in the kitchen can feel like getting a gold medal in adulting. But getting to that point can be tricky, and often requires a bit of knowledge in the language of cooking. Learning that language can be overwhelming, so we put together […]

Cooking Tips : How to Reconstitute Dried Mushrooms

To reconstitute mushrooms start with a small pot of boiling water. Next take your dried mushrooms and place them in the boiling water for two to five minutes or you can place them into warm water for 30 minutes. Dehydrated mushrooms will last in your pantry for about six to twelve months. Once they’re reconstituted […]

Cooking Tips : How to Make Roux

To make a roux, you're going to want to startwith equal parts of butter and flour. I've got two tablespoons of butter here, and I'mgoing to add two tablespoons of flour to my hot pan. Next, take your whisk, and whiskit together, and allow it to come to a boil. The boil will allow the […]


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Angelo's Mom Makes Baklava (Greek Dessert Pastry)

hey Megan is baklava okay I did earlier because to have something so this is walnuts okay it's like four pound walnuts and you have to make them fine like that you put them in the blender yeah now I hear violins boy I tell you this bag of have a $6 I want to […]

Cooking Show PARODY

Cooking with Kandie : Boiling Crab Seafood Boil

hangout to Boyd Canyon on you now tuned into that you want candy yes sir bitch is coming now yes I know but not only a lot of back and forth it goes but what happens when you pop ass and pull anything that you like you got to keep them and I say food […]