Donnie Baker Blasts O.J. Simpson for Being on Twitter! And Questions Hungry Strippers!

hey man it's Donnie Baker this ain't premeditated it ain't like I've been preying on it I've just got to say it that came to me sperm in a moment shit dick I got upstairs on tape how you doing God knows I've done some by Holland shit in the waist trip anyways seeing OJ […]

Donnie Baker teaches Kanye how to rap. Here's my latest hit…Vagina B. Goode!

Donnie Baker Says NBA is Broke Dick Operation. Worst NBA Finals Ever!

hey man this is Donnie Baker and I know how you feel about it but I hereby proclaim as the worst NBA Finals ever swear to God and not just cause the ratings sect hard I watched one game this year's last game of season because everybody's talking well they can close it out I […]

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