Must Have WINTER Appliances .. | #Gadgets #KitchenHacks #Utilities #CookWithNisha

Hey guys in Today’s video I am going to show 5 such winter appliances Which can make our winters awesome And I will be coming up with such amazing videos So, let’s start the video What do you think about the cold outside? i just think of a warm room So just thanks to technology […]

7 Life Saving Winter Kitchen/Home HACKS You Must Try …| #KitchenHacks #HomeHacks #CookWithNisha

Winters have started and I have lot of time to enjoy it Because I have awesome winter hacks If you too want to see these hacks Then let’s move and enjoy the video Mom please make the soup But I feel I don’t have money left Mom so many vegetables are kept inside the freeze […]

Making a braided challah bread

Hey folks, today we’re going to do some bread. Em we’re gonna do something called challah which is traditionally a Jewish bread that’s eaten on Shabbat and also on Rosh Hashana appropriately so happy new year to all my Jewish friends out there and Rosh Hashanaa starts tonight for those who don’t know. This bread […]

A very short guide to making pancakes

Hey folks, I’m Eli_App_D and today we’re making pancakes! So today we’re talking pancakes and in the UK, or rather most of the UK, when people talk about pancakes the mean those really, really flat, paper thin crepes from France. Apart from Scotland however. Here in Scotland when we talk about pancakes, we mean these […]

Simple Recipe For Amazing Homemade Bread | Museta

HOW TO BAKE HOMEMADE BREAD View the recipe on the blog at Add a half full teaspoon of sugar in 350 milliliters of warm water Then add 5 grams of yeast and mix everything until it dissolves Add one teaspoon of salt into the mixing bowl Add 500 grams of white flour Mix the […]

Top 10 Best Dutch Foods in Amsterdam

Let’s face it. When we are on vacation, one of our favorite things to do is eat. And in Amsterdam, there are so many delicious foods to try So today, we are going to eat our way around the city and show you the top 10 foods that you must try when you’re in Amsterdam […]

Eating EVERY Korean menu item at Quarters Kitchen! ft. vivalastina | Going In

[Music] Where are we right now? This is really nice. Okay, so here’s what we’re going to do today. Okay. We’re in Yorba Linda, California, It’s a new shopping center, there’s a new spot here called Quarters Kitchen. But it’s made by the same people… The one with K-Town, the famous KBBQ? Exactly. The legendary […]

Top ingredients used in Thai Cuisine – Wise Kwai Dubai

Hi, my name is Nairuz from Nairuz Reviews, and I love discovering new restaurants in and around Dubai, and today we’re here at Wise Kwai Wise Kwai invited me to their kitchen today to learn all about the authentic ingredients to make delicious Thai food What an amazing experience it has been I love Thai […]


Hi guys, it’s healthy and Kendra and for today’s first time Friday Kelsey and I are going to be making dairy-free alfredo sauce I thought this is our first technically official cooking video cuz I feel like our movie evening days are very like kind of like fast and Cut straight to the point where […]

How To Organise SMALL Kitchen | Kitchen Tour | CookWithNisha

Hello friends.. Welcome to my channel “CookWithNisha” Today’s video is so special now you think why is this special this is special as this is a most requested video so today I’ll show you my kitchen its a rectangular kitchen of white & grey combination so to give it a contrast effect I’ve kept here […]