Bagged Salads and Salmonella – University of Leicester

We wondered why it was that Salmonella infections from fresh produce cause such severe symptoms. What’s happening to the pathogens, to the Salmonella when they get into the salad bag? The very first thing we did was to actually go out and buy some bagged salads and separate them into different salad leaf sorts. So […]

The Foods of the Future

Let’s imagine the food of the future. Did you know that scientists are working to help make the foods you already eat do amazing things for your health? This looks and taste like the same old broccoli you have always loved, but scientists are finding ways to make this broccoli love you back. Broccoli naturally […]

Rheonix Food & Beverage Testing

At Rheonix, we’ve created one of the most advanced molecular diagnostics systems available for Food and Beverage testing, and we’ve made it remarkably easy to use. Designed with state-of-the-art automation, the Rheonix Encompass Optimum workstation combines high multiplexing capabilities with a nearly hands-free workflow. With the ability to detect many targets directly from an enrichment […]

Genetically Modified Food Issues – Educational Video Part 1

the lifeblood of a democracy is your ability to understand and act upon a problem once the facts are presented to you the purpose of this motion picture is to give you the facts and then you as individuals and citizens of a democracy must take action every culture on the planet Earth is always […]

The 40 Most Exciting Questions in Digital Health – The Medical Futurist

the 40 most exciting questions about the future of digital health this is Barbara medical and you're watching the channel of the medical future every year I fly from event to event to discuss the pros and cons of technology's effect on medicine and healthcare while I love to speak as a medical futurist it's […]

Food Evolution movie trailer (2017)

the survival of our species has always depended on advances in agriculture climate change is gonna scramble this how are we gonna feed the world debate this is all about companies this is about money this is about power it's much easier to sell fear than it is science if you don't have food then […]