Survival Amazing – Cooking Big Fried Chicken – near River in Forest food delicious (EP 3)

I Surprised My Friend With A Giant 12-Pound Taco • Giant Food Time


Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon Requests have been flooding in for a giant Ferro Rocher recipe. We have been doing a giant chocolate bar series for a while now like the giant snickers, huge Kit Kat and the massive Twix bar and as usual we will give this one away […]

I Surprised My Friend With A Giant 14-Pound Burger • Giant Food Time

when burgers start making you do involuntary things that’s what it’s a good burger mmm okay when you start talking to yourself that’s a good burger laughs you won’t do all that yeah that’s good and this is a show where I surprise my friends really giant version of their favorite food today we’re at […]

Cooking goat intestines |spicy goat intestines curry| tripe recipe

Ingredients 1 large oinion add well washed goat intestines you ca add more tomatoes,we are adding just 2 big ones. chili flakes per taste we transferred it to pressure cooker,cooked for 5 minutes

McDonald’s Kimchi Bacon Ramen Big Mac Taste Test | FUTURE FAST FOOD

– When you hear the words Big Mac, Egg McMuffin, Sausage McGriddles, you’re instantly transported to a world of McWonder and McFilthy ball pits. But who has three thumbs and knows what the next huge McDonald’s item will be? This guy. This is Future Fast Food. (electronic music) Future Fast Food entry number 4,864. In […]

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: The Ultimate Brisket Sandwich

I love sandwiches, kind of obsessed with them you know… meat + bread=good So I’ve got some beautiful toasted bread I’ve got some gorgeous brisket it’s a fatty rich meat. So if I want to eat the whole sandwich, and I want to gorge on it and I want to take as much pleasure from […]

Catch n’ Cook Big NASTY Moray EEL!

What is going on, guys? So here is the scoop– I came out to this beautiful spot to fish a couple days ago. Just doing a little simple reef fishing. Just a beautiful, beautiful area. And I started catching a bunch of little reef fish called Wrasse. And while I was fishing, I saw this […]

Sesame Street: Bakers | Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures

ERNIE: Every night when I lie in bed. BERT: Oh, no. ERNIE: I see pictures dancing in my head. BERT: Picture sleep. ERNIE: Buddy Bert– BERT: What? ERNIE: Buckle up, and we’ll fly away. BERT: Whoa! Yeah! ERNIE: We’re adventuring, every time the bed starts tapping. Something special’s going to happen. BERT: This is kind […]