Cook With Me: Freezer Meals for Dayzzzzz! Bulk Cooking for Large Family

– Hey, guys. So it is day two of our freezer cooking, and this little fella, Mr. Benjamin here. Say hi. He says, I’m looking away, no part of that. He was just sleeping on my shoulder, and I thought, oh, I’ll open the vlog. But no, he said, too much is going on. And […]

Large Family Grocery Shopping Haul 👀SO MUCH JUNK FOOD | Jamerrill Stewart Grocery Haul

– So I am back again today, friends, with the biggest junk food grocery haul, apparently, a super mega Sharp Shopper grocery haul. Now, it is not Sharp Shopper’s fault that I bought tons of junk at their store. They have organic, holistic, pure and holy, tons of healthy food there. Big bags of, I […]

BAREFOOT COUNTRY WOMAN 🍁FALL CLEAN & COOK WITH ME 🍂Porches, Kitchen, Dining Room + More!

– [Jamerrill] Hello friends. I am back. Look, I’m somewhere new today! I am on my outside front porch. It is almost fall, or fall officially, here in Virginia, so all of that greenery is gonna turn to vibrant fall colors, here, in a moment. I am doing a clean-with-me video today. We’re gonna clean […]

Real life meal prep (Follow-up video)

So this is what meal time prep looks like in real life in the Hudson house. It’s about 4:30 on a Wednesday. So I’m getting ready to have dinner here in about a half hour and then we gotta head out tonight for church. So we’re getting ready for that. And it gets a little […]

27+ BIG FAMILY FREEZER MEALS in 10 Hours! Large Family Freezer Cooking Day Two

– Okay, friends, it is day two of my super mega dedicated large family freezer cooking weekend. We had a hiccup yesterday where our sink got backed up. A metal scrub brush got sucked down the garbage disposal. Anyway, one thing led to another yesterday and it was almost like 4:30 or 5:00 and I […]

🍎Jamerrill's Slow Cooker APPLESAUCE and APPLE BUTTER ❤️| Crockpot Recipes

– Welcome back today, friends. I am going to do a bunchof slow cooker apple sauce and when I'm done showingyou how I do the homemade slow cooker applesauce,then we're gonna do some homemade apple butter. If you're new here, my name's Jamerrill. This is Large Family Tableand I only know Mega and Lots and […]

Easy 4th of July Treats | Easy Dessert Tutorial | *How Ines Rolls*

hi everyone welcome back to how I has rolled today I'm going to be putting out a very easy recipe actually a couple for the fourth of July I had a couple people asked so I'm just gonna show you what I'm doing very very quickly and as you can see hanging again it started […]


– Good morning friends. We are going to do sheet panpancakes today, a whole bunch. Well what I'm gonna do isI am home this weekend, home alone with fivekids ages 10 and under. Been joking just like the good old days. Travis and the older teensare out of town for three days and so while […]


hazel what's up in the sky good morning everyone you guys I'm getting completely ready I'm a crumbling here in a really long time so I comb my hair today looking good so we are getting ready yes you guys wish mom good luck today big day today the primary program going down she's heading […]

🥦5 SHEET PAN DINNERS | Healthy Recipes with TONS of Veggies, too!!!