Bhindi Ki Bhujia|Okra Recipe|Bhindi kI Sabzi By Student Cooking In Urdu/Hindi.

Assalam-o-Alaikum !.welcome to student cooking.. Today we are making BHINDI KI BHUJIYA. Notedown the ingredients of bhindi ki bhujiya BHINDI/OKRA=1/2 KG (CUT INTO THIN SLICE) ONION=2(MEDIUM SIZE ONIONS CUT INTO SLICE) SALT=1 TSP CUMIN SEEDS=1-1/2TSP GREEN CHILLIES=(4-5 CUT INTO SLICE) OIL=1/2 CUP Lets start are cooking with BISMILLAH HIR RAHMAN NIR RAHEEM!. TURN ON THE […]

Ganthiya Recipe | भावनगरी गांठिया । How to make Bhavnagari Gathiya

Namaskar. Welcome to Today we will make Bhavnagri Gathiya. It is a very yummy and famous gathiya too. Make it once and relish for a long time. Firstly prepare dough from chickpea flour. We are using hot oil in it. Heat up some oil. Take 1/2 cup oil, heat it. You can feel heat, […]