13 Foods That Make Your Kidneys Healthy

Hey there! We’ve been talking about your eating habits. News flash: It’s killing your kidneys! Yes, you may be able to donate one, but the remaining kidney is vital to your survival! Let’s talk about 13 Foods That Make Your Kidneys Happy. What do you know about sea bass? Ever heard of bulgur? Care to […]

8 Foods That Can Destroy Your Stomach And Gut

Hey there! That’s a tasty looking meal you’re having. There’s sometimes no better feeling then sitting down on your lunch hour and enjoying a cheat meal. But have you ever wondered what it might be doing to your insides? In particular, your stomach? I’m totally just asking questions here. Nothing personal. It’s just that I […]

Top 18 Fat Burning Foods For Women

top 18 fat burning foods for women it isn’t easy to drop a couple pounds instantly people always say that a lifestyle change needs to be made in order to lose weight and keep it off we are also told that to lose weight we need to eat healthier and work out regularly well it’s […]

15 Cooking Tricks From Professional Chefs

[Applause] [Music] fifteen cooking trips from professional chefs that are revealed only at culinary schools you go to a restaurant you try their amazing food and you’re just dying to know what their secret is how did they get their food to just taste so perfect and you can’t even perfect scrambled eggs well in […]

4 Alternatives To Baking Soda For Cooking

did you know that you can use baking soda as a natural deodorant also known as sodium bicarbonate baking soda seems to have a million-in-one uses in addition to being used as a leavening agent when baking it can also be used to clean and deodorize surfaces and even safe for treating conditions such as […]

14 Interesting Facts About Cooking With Cast Iron Cookware

14 Interesting Facts About Cooking With Cast Iron Cookware According to WIKIPEDIA, cast iron pans have been used by chefs for the past 2000 years. Cast iron ovens and cauldrons have been in use for so long, perhaps we have lost sight of their amazing properties. And who better to rediscover your love for cast […]

This Is What Your Hair Can Tell You About Your Health

(VO: shakespearean voice)To BE hairy or not to BE hairy that IS the question. (VO: back to normal)Well, it might be the question, but really what choice to we have? Sorry to say but it’s already kind of decidedwhether or not you’re gonna have a lot of body hair, if you’re going to go bald […]

14 Interesting Facts About Cooking With Cast Iron Cookware

9 Delicious Diabetes-Friendly Desserts You Can Make At Home

when it comes to diabetes most people would probably say you have to give up on sweets but really that's not true you just have to be a bit more careful and maybe keep it to a minimum sugary treats can affect a person's blood sugar sure but they're not the only thing that causes […]

Study Finds Millennials’ Health Plummets After Age 27