I mean, they’re popular and we have something like The Pita Pit. Which is… not similar Hello everyone! What is up, my name is Hayley, welcome to my YouTube channel. If you did not know, now you do! Hey you guys~ So it’s been a long time since I made a sit down with you […]

Taffer Livid With Disgusting, Dangerous Kitchen – Bar Rescue, Season 5

I’m gonna go in. All we need is that po’ boy. Man: It takes about 30 minutes for our food.So what did we order that we didn’t get? – The po’ boy. – Have you been in that kitchen? At some point, yes. Is it clean back there? He’s not using gloves. He’s not washing […]

Beer-Braised Lamb Shanks – Food Wishes – Spring Lamb

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with beer braised lamb shanks that’s right we survived another winner and give or take a few White Walkers it really wasn’t that bad but anyway Woodspring currently being sprung one food I’m always thinking about this time of year Islam and when you combine that […]

Eating German Cuisine in Argentina

So it is lunchtime today and we are in the town of Villa General Belgrano. Because this is a very German town we’ve decided to find a German restaurant and order up some German food. So we saw a few of our favorites on the menu. We’ve placed our order and that should be arriving […]

The Weirdest but Amazing Food Combinations RAMEN + SHAVED ICE

Alright, Here we are at Komagome station on the Yamanote line. We are about to get some kakigori and ramen. So you know, you are thinking shaved ice? sweets? Come on, man. That’s not dude food. But just in case, I came here with my friend, Satoko. Hi, I’m Satoko. Let me handle kakigori! So […]

Beer is cuisine: Augie Carton at TEDxNavesink

Translator: Pik Yan Wong Reviewer: Denise RQ Hi everybody, I’m Augie Carton of Carton Brewing as she just said, and I’m here to talk to you about playing with flavors, primarily playing with the flavors of beer. I know you’re saying, “Playing with beer? I promised myself I was done with that coming out of […]

Action Bronson & Mario Batali: Mr. Wonderful Inspired Cuisine

From Queens. Sure am. I’m Brooklyn all day. That’s right, we right, we connected. Trying to break my arm off. We right, we right here with the you know what. That’s right. Oh. I seen you doin those squats back there! We need to talk after. You know! That’s. That, that’s how you start off […]

Crispy Beer Batter Fish & Chips – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with crispy beer batter fish and chips that’s right anybody can do a beer batter fish that stays crispy for a few minutes but I’m sorry for me that is just not long enough okay not to sound too high-maintenance but I kind of want my […]

‘Most Disgusting Kitchen I’ve Ever Seen’ ft. Jenny McCarthy | Bar Rescue S6 Highlight

Well, for recon this week, I have Lisamarie Joyce and I have Anthony Lamas. Oh, right! I put them in disguise. – Hi. Good, how are you? – Hey, how are you? – Good. How you doing? – Good, good. – How are you? – What can I get for you? I’ll take any draft. […]

Baker Mayfield’s Beer Chug Had Big Money Behind It

Getty Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.  Star Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield went viral over the weekend for an awesome moment at an Indians game where he bit open a beer and shotgunned it in record time  The beer chug not only quenched Mayfield’s thirst, it also proved to be a big boon for the […]