The Halal Meat Market That Butchers and Grills Your Meat — Cooking in America

– [Sheldon] Sam is a fifth generation Lebanese butcher that immigrated to Detroit 42 years ago. He found success in many businesses but after Detroit’s recession hit he lost it all. He decided to turn back to what he knew best and opened what is now one of Dearborn’s most beloved meat markets. (urban music) […]

How to Make Hamburg Steak (Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis the host of this show cooking with dog [Konnichiwa!] Let’s get the ingredients for Hamburg steak, cut the onion in half. Slice into the onion with the root end attached Make cuts across the onion parallel to the cutting surface Chop across the other cuts and mince well Chop up the broccoli […]

The Performance Kitchen with Rachael Burford

Joe: Hello and welcome to the first ever episode of the Performance Kitchen. Every episode, I’ll be joined by a pro athlete at the very top of their sport who’ll take over this kitchen and show us what they really eat before and after they compete. Today I’m joined by Great Britain and England rugby […]

Ribeye & Smoked Corn Salad Recipe

hey guys welcome back to my channel this is Aaron lover of all things good super excited to have you back and to cook free today so as usual each week I do a recipe so it’s gonna be a grilled ribeye I’m gonna have it grilled about medium-rare I’m gonna add some peppers some […]

how to make fruit salad | “Fruit Salad” “Yogurt with Fruit Mix” “Strawberries Mango Melon”

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Sauce Beef | 電飯鍋制作家常版醬牛肉,醬香濃郁,年味十足。 Summer Kitchen/夏廚陳二十【267】

Clove, bay leaf, Amomum, fish glue, cinnamon, star anise, rock candy, cooking wine, oyster sauce light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, ginger, shallots and the beef shank Salt, Sichua pepper and fry them over medium heat Cooking wine marinate them overnight Clean them Ginger, cooking wine, shallots and pour the water in pot Sichuan pepper, […]

Pitmaster James Woodard Is Bringing Barbecue Back to Oakland — Cooking in America

(upbeat music) – Everyone’s all exercising, making me feel– (laughter) We’re in Oakland. So in the 50s and 60s there was a big migration of African American families that came up from the south up to the west. And with that, Oakland became this scene of barbecue heaven. But as the years went by, all […]

Stop Motion Cooking – Make Beef Stewed Potatoes From Winter Clothes ASMR 4K

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Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup | Pham Bam Kitchen

Today we’re making Taiwanese beef noodle soup. Some would say this is the national dish of Taiwan. It’s so iconic. So what it is it’s this soy sauce based broth with chunks of beef that are just going to melt in your mouth and it comes with some bok choy and some pickled mustard greens […]