Guys let’s start this video off with a giveaway My friends over at venture frog are giving away the first 50 people who watched this video a grenade Let’s start this video off with the giveaway guys my friends over at adventurer frog are giving away a grenade for the first 50 people who watches […]

외래어종 ‘배스’를 잡아서 국을 끓여보자. [Catch and cook Bass]

No.. No….!! No!! No!! Self-Sufficiency Life Honey~ Yeah~ Let’s drink~ Give me another~ Just drink~ One more~! (Throwing up~) Today i will dry bass and use it to make soup~ Because Bass likes the place fresh new water comes out. I found a place where water flows from upstream of the reservoir. But …well.. The […]

Catch n’ Cook Peacock Bass on a Jon Boat!

what is cookin guys today we are you presume we’re fishing for a peacock bass or do Kannada as they say get to our spot and all lay it out we are guys back down here in são Paulo Brazil ah for those of you who are braiding in my channel my girlfriend is Brazilian […]

Bones & Eddy Baker – ShineBox [SparrowsCreek]

[Verse 1: BONES] Get your ShineBox Especially with that nine Glock I’m funny, I’m funny too I am usually Get your mind right On my heart let it out You’re tappin’ out and I’m laughing now in the moon Bats on my shoulders Smoking, hanging out the rover Stone cold when I’m stuntin’, drinking out […]

Catch n’ Cook BIG, FAT Tilapia!

what’s going on guys let’s make a cast to this boat ramp here first cast of the day whoa whoa right there right there oh look at that I just paused it right before her brought it out of the water this little peacock bass came over and attacked it oh he got my finger […]

Steamed Fish w/ Lime | Pla Neung Manao–Hot Thai Kitchen! ปลากะพงนึ่งมะนาว

today on how high to turn we're making backup aluminum so at v-tach welcome to hot pie kitchen today we're making possibly my favorite fish dish ever we're making black our whole Mingma now okay let's break it down bla means fish GARP home is a variety of fish that we typically used for this […]


welcome home sweetheart goodness what are you okay so how many do we set out six traps how many do you think we got two I'll say three I think we got three so well we're back at the farm ladies and gentlemen welcome back and we set some mouse traps so we got to […]

Fishing for Sandwiches of Blackened Bass (a low-carb meal you can't surpass)

hi guys and ladies two years ago I made low-carb black and bass fish sandwiches they were delish and I'm craving them again well with a twist this time so I picked up all the ingredients I need the fish let's get out there and try for some fresh back I'm expecting more than this […]


these are all blue because they're like please lift up the lid on that pot opening the package Oh oh my god that is amazing it's you know check it out guys it is a literal blue lobster and it's a hundred percent alive look at it look a feeling to me it's a lot […]