EXTRA LARGE BASKET for La Pavoni ☆ エクストララージバスケット

This is the original portafilter and single basket that come with La Pavoni. This is the double basket. I bought this bottomless portafilter a long time ago. I’ve been using it just like this. This time, I bought 20g basket. and I was going to use it. But it didn’t fit to the bottomless portafilter […]

Cleaning Espresso Machine with Citric Acid ☆ エスプレッソマシンをクエン酸洗浄してみた!

It’s got hot enough. Pull the lever up and run hot water through. The water flow hasn’t been great lately. So, today… I bought citric acid, so let’s clean La Pavoni with this. Okay. This lid is too tight all the time. So I always use a jaw opener to loosen it. pour water. How […]