Dad Gets 98% Of His Body Tattooed | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Keith: I will say a common misconception that people have toward me is that I am a drug dealer or came from prison. Keith: Mostly all this work is all my design you know it don’t necessarily have a meaning to it you know. Something that you like just get it. You know you don’t […]

Pokemon Pancakes – Gotta Cook ‘Em All!

COMM: Japanese chef Inagaki has a penchant for pancakes, anime and Pokémon. COMM: An Otaku chef is defined as someone who’s so passionate about his art that it affects his social life. COMM: He first started pancake art to cheer people up after a national disaster.

Chef Cooks Flippin’ Great Pet Pancakes

COMM: Last year we met Japanese chef, Keisuke Inagaki. 00:18 KEISUKE INAGAKI: Hello! 00:20 COMM: Who’d made a name for himself by creating incredible art in pancakes. And as it’s Pancake Day today, we thought it would be a good opportunity to revisit Inagaki and see some of his other creations. COMM: Last time we […]

700lb BBW Model Wants To Be Too Fat To Move

MONICA RILEY: I’d want to be the fattest woman in the world. TERI RUIZ: I, I’m not gonna help you do it. But I still love you, no matter what. SIDNEY RILEY: I believe in you. COMM: Weighing 700lbs, supersize model Monica is more morbidly obese. But she’s got no plans to lose weight. MONICA […]