Pitmaster James Woodard Is Bringing Barbecue Back to Oakland — Cooking in America

(upbeat music) – Everyone’s all exercising, making me feel– (laughter) We’re in Oakland. So in the 50s and 60s there was a big migration of African American families that came up from the south up to the west. And with that, Oakland became this scene of barbecue heaven. But as the years went by, all […]

Welcome To Texas Style BBQ And Cuisine

hello this is Texas Style Cuisine and I’m chef Johnny Stewart appreciate you dropping in today to see my youtube channel where I’m gonna be trying to show you everything from chicken and dumplings to a spicy guajillo sauce to a fantastic smoked barbecue brisket so subscribe my channel keep looking for us as he […]

Grilling | BEST-EVER BBQ SHRIMP | How To Feed a Loon

[MUSIC] Shrimp?>>Queen.>>[LAUGH] >>Shrimp! [LAUGH] >>You’re so rude.>>Hey everybody.>>[LAUGH]>>Welcome to How to Feed a Loon.>>The rude edition.>>No, no, no. Just keeping it real. My name is Kris! >>And I’m Wesley.>>The best->>The->>Queen there ever was in the world.>>[LAUGH]>>No, we’re so excited that you are->>The loon.>>No, the loon, the loon. Here today on How to Feed a Loon, […]

$20 Best Beef And Steak Chef Tool Secret – The Deal Guy

Hi! I’m the YouTube deal guy! Welcome to your one stop shop for daily deals! I am again coming to you from a fake kitchen. Now before I get to today’s deal that will forever change your relationship with meat, sounds odd but anyways, I want to remind you that if you are not yet […]

Keith's 400 Chicken McNugget Challenge ft. The Food Babies

– I feel like I can't hear right now. – It's hot in here. (groans) – [Eugene] That's a big nugget. Bet you wanna get your moutharound that big nugget. – [Ned] You can do it! (Alex exhales) – In 2019, there were two ladies at Try Guys who started out eating Keith's leftovers. They […]