Hi. I’m Titli Nihaan. Strange name. Strange name. Even stranger story. And I like to cook simple, classic dishes from all around the world. I cook cakes I cook cakes and chutneys I cook cakes and chutneys and curries and soups and soups and salads and soups and salads and sweets and savouries and savouries […]

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The $1,000,000,000 North Korean Bank Heist

– [Kento Bento] I’m Kento Bento. This video is made possible by Dashlane. Download Dashlane for free if you never wanna lose another password again at the link in the description. Bangladesh, February 7th, 2016. The director of the Bangladesh Central Bank got off the elevator on the ninth floor and headed to the back […]

Street Food in Bangladesh -The ULTIMATE Old Dhaka Street Food Tour – Bengali Street Food HEAVEN!

– Alright, check it out guys, it’s Trevor James. ঠিক আছে, দেখুন বন্ধুরা। আমি ট্রেভর জেমস। We just got into deep Old Dhaka. আমরা এইমাত্র পুরাতন ঢাকার একদম গভীরে চলে এসেছি। You can feel the energy here, so magical. আপনারা এখানে একধরণের শক্তি অনুভব করবেন, যা অত্যন্ত মোহনীয়। And today we’re going for a full […]

Bangladeshi Pizza is Detroit’s Best Kept Secret — Cooking in America

– We’re going to Amar Pizza, where this brother has decided to bring Bangladeshi flavors to Detroit Pizza. – I worked for Domino’s Pizza for 11 years. – And you worked all the way to general manager and working at– – No, I started out as a driver. I worked my way up. Then I […]

InterContinental Dhaka Buffet Dinner | A Five-Star cuisine

We are going out for buffet dinner we want to check the buffet dinner of InterContinental Dhaka Hotel and we can give a review after, that how it is okay so see you on the buffet Hello viewers, we are at the element restaurants of intercontinental Dhaka We were being guided to our table. at […]

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EXTREME Street Food in Bangladesh – WOW!!! WHOLE Fish BBQ Seafood + Street Food Tour of Old Dhaka!!!

look at this guys we just found the ultimate Bangladeshi fish paradise we've got these big red snappers covered in a turmeric curry powder to paste and you can get them grilled over the coals right here I check it out guys this Trevor James we just got into old Dhaka magical old Dhaka and […]