Easy Banana Recipes

Hi. I’m Maggie Meyer, senior food editor of Better Homes and Gardens. And one of the things I’m loving right now are bananas. Everybody has got them on their counter, but there are so many fun new recipes for them, especially when it comes to desserts and snacks. One thing I’m loving right now is […]

Vegan Chocolate Chip Pancakes (Recipes Ep7)

Hey everyone, Josh here. Sorry, I know it’s been a while but I’ve been taking care of a lot of personal things and sort of lost the motivation for making new videos. But don’t worry, I’m back. Earlier I found a recipe for vegan pancakes and spiced it up a bit. Added my own twist […]

Can You Bacon It?

– [Both] Bacon is good for me. – Bacon is the best. – I was born for bacon. – I don’t actually like bacon. (screech) – Who the (bleep) doesn’t like bacon? – I’m so so on sushi. – I don’t think sushi can be improved by bacon. – I actually expect this to be […]

Moist Banana Bread Recipe | Sweet Bread

Hey everyone, it’s Natasha of Natashaskitchen.com. Today we’re making our all-time favorite banana bread. It’s so soft, moist and loaded with ripe bananas, tiny raisins and toasted walnuts. This is the best way to use overripe bananas. You’ll start with 1/2 a cup of unsalted softened butter. Place that in a large mixing bowl and […]

Our Favorite Food Songs For Kids! | Super Simple Songs

I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas Now let’s make a long “a” sound… ay-ples and ba-nay-nays I like to ate, ate, ate ay-ples and ba-nay-nays […]

Foods You’ll Stop Buying Once You Know How They Are Grown

Do some research into how some foods are grown and harvested, and you’ll find terrible things. We’re not just talking about crops that aren’t environmentally friendly, but also crops that are harvested by slaves, that make entire communities sick, and some that are the product of animal cruelty. In 2018, a consortium of agencies that […]

Fried Banana Balls | Cekodok Pisang | Kuih Kodok | Cucur Pisang [Nyonya Cooking]

Hi guys, welcome to Nyonya Cooking! In this video, I am going to prepare a type of ‘kuih’ The main ingredient of this ‘kuih’ is bananas This ‘kuih’ is called ‘cekodok pisang’ also known as ‘kuih kodok’ or ‘jemput-jemput pisang’ ‘Pisang’, in the Malay language means bananas So, let’s check out the ingredients If there […]

Southern Fried Banana Pudding Pies

I’m Stacy Lyn, and today I’m gonna be making Southern banana pudding fried pie. As we say here in the South, fried anything is great, so I think there could be no better Southern dessert than the Southern banana pudding fried pie! There’s a story to the development of this recipe. We celebrate each child’s […]

How to Freeze Bananas | Dish With Julia | Allrecipes.com

– Bananas are natures perfect self-contained snack. You can eat them straight off the bunch, blend them into smoothies, or mash them up into your favorite baked goods. But oh, no, the hands of time (clock ticking) have moved to fast, and the bananas have turned into this. Have no fear banana lovers, because you […]