Nuts allergy gone within minutes. Powerful kitchen remedy|Smita Naram|Ayushakti

Friends, Orian is here at Ayushakti Malad Clinic for his detox treatment from USA and Just before starting his treatment, we went to Ganesha festival in Mumbai there was a time of Lord Ganesha Coming, and we just went for the darshan to make a Pooja and we were offered this prasad of Lord Ganesha […]

ये तेल खाएं ,सबसे अच्छा तेल कौन सा-Rajiv dixit health tips, Ayurveda

বেঁকা আৰু সৰু 100% থিক হব আয়ুৰ্বেদিক ঔষধেৰে -Health Education

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