Ernie Cooks Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie Balls | Ernie Cooks | HiHo Kids

– Gobble. (screeches) (laughter) (upbeat music) – Happy Thanksgiving. – Welcome back to Ernie Cooks. Today, Ernie and I are going to be making a delicious Thanksgiving recipe. Fun for all turkeys. – [Ernie] Delicious candy corn. – Hold off on the candy for just one second, okay? How are we gonna know what to […]

#IntelGaming: Dan Baker of Oxide Games | Intel

a lot of a great art in history was actually created my new technology it’s not a it’s not well known but you look at like the Renaissance a lot of what was being developed was they discovered perspective and when they discovered perspective opened up who human channels of art there’s this often misunderstood […]

Denise Austin’s Cookie Gives Fitness Tips and Exercises | Treat Yourself |

– Hi everybody! It’s Denise Austin. You might recognize me from exercise videos. I’ve been writing exercise books and fitness videos for over 30 years and I’m here today to show you how I’m gonna make my own look on a cookie! And I’m not that creative, but I’ll try my very best. (bright gentle […]

‘Whisper Network’ Author Chandler Baker Talks Tina Fey and How to Use ‘Y’all’ Properly

– My main characters refer to Tina Fey as God quite a bit. ‘Bossypants’ is basically my bible. (keyboard clicks) I’m Chandler Baker, author of ‘Whisper Network,’ Reese’s Book Club pick. ‘Whisper Network’ follows four women who have worked at a company for a long time and what happens when their boss, a man who […]

BBQ with Franklin: Pork Ribs part 1

You’re watching barbeque with franklin Im Aaron and today we’re going to cook some pork spare ribs make a rub wrap em sauce em and then eat em it’s rib time we’re gonna start off by making a rub for these pork spare ribs one empty cup this is what i’m going to use to […]


what's going on guys it's your boy scrub you here back again with another video hope you guys are having an absolutely incredible day I know I am if you are be sure to press the like button otherwise no joke no scam a scary man by the name of jimothy will be breaking into […]

Kids Try Soul Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Is it meatloaf? – Chitlins are.. pig intestines. [Inaudible] (laughing) But I might have the rest of my macaroni. – Hello! – Hello! – So guess what, Mackenzie? Today, we're gonna try.. soul food. – So we're eating our souls? Now you're talking cuckoo! – Do you know what a soul is? – This […]

Kids Try Food with Secret Veggies | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– This is pretty good. – [Interviewer] It's a vegetable. (elated music) – [Interviewer] Are youguys very good detectives? – She is, I'm not. She has sharper eyesight than me, she can see more things. She's–[Interviewer] Really? 20/20? – Yep. – 20/120. – [Interviewer] Today,you guys are going to be detecting a secret ingredient… – […]