Eating Unicorns and Pan Asian Cuisine | London Yum Yum Adventure

What’s up guys? Today we are back once again in Covent Garden for a new Yum Yum Adventure. We’ll be visiting Inamo Restaurant. Inamo is a pan-asian restaurant and they offer a little selection of fusion Asian dishes inspired by Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many more Asian cuisines. They have won quite a few awards […]

How to Make Space-Saving Freezer Thai Curry – Hot Thai Kitchen

Sawaddee Ka, welcome to Hot Thai Kitchen so as many of you know I am now very very pregnant and ready to pop this baby out anytime now so at home we’ve been doing a lot of freezer meals in preparation for that now freezing your meals is useful whether or not you’re pregnant it’s […]

ILLEGAL JUNGLE FOOD in Vietnam!!! Catching and Cooking Asia’s Most Freaky Foods!!

all right so the technique in here you hold a hat and you put a whole thing in your mouth okay that’s good okay here we go I’m grabbing it [Music] today our Mekong Delta adventure continues along with our quest to learn more about Viet Nam’s coconut cult there was a guru out here […]

Flan creme caramel (custard pudding / bánh flan)

hi everyone today I will show you how to make creme caramel or bun flung in Vietnamese this is a little something the Vietnamese picked up during the French colonization and it became one of the most popular desserts in Vietnam let’s start to make the caramel boot the zoo girl and quarter in a […]

Thai Sukiyaki Recipe (Suki Nam) สุกี้นำ้ | Thai Recipes

(upbeat music) – Sawaddee ka, welcome to Hot Thai Kitchen. Today I’m going to make a much requested dish called Suki Nam. So suki is actually shortened from sukiyaki, which is, yes, a Japanese dish. It’s Japanese hot pot. So basically Thai people take the idea of the Japanese hot pot, sort of made our […]

Street Food in Gilgit + PAKISTANI VILLAGE FOOD | Ultra Happiness in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan!

– Good morning, I hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Gilgit, Pakistan, and in the Karakoram Mountain Range. Today we are gonna go on a cultural and food tour of Gilgit. We’re gonna explore the market. We were invited to a local home to eat lunch. I’m psyched to be […]

Dinner: Chicken Stir Fry with Rice Noodles – Natasha’s Kitchen

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone, it’s Natasha of And today we’re sharing a really easy week night dinner idea. It is a chicken stir fry with rice noodles. It’s loaded with fresh ingredients, it comes together quickly, and it has pleased so many picky eaters. I hope it becomes a favorite in your home […]

5 Ways to Use Brown, Red and Black Rice | Hot Thai Kitchen

Sawaddee Ka welcome to hot Thai kitchen so a while back I made a series all about the different colors of Thai rice today I want to dig a little deeper into the whole grain colorful rice so the red, the brown, and the black rice and talk about different ways you can cook them. […]

Panang Curry Beef Recipe พะแนงเนื้อ – Thai Recipes – Hot Thai Kitchen

Sawaddee Ka! Welcome to Hot Thai Kitchen so today I am making one of the most classic and most loved of Thai curries and that is Panang now I have a Panang video already it’s super old it was made with pork today I’m going to show you a new one that’s made with beef […]