What a REAL Chinese Home Cooked Meal in China Looks Like

I think we should kill the fish first i think, i can see it at least Hallo eNOS, this is vivi here. I’m gonna show you guys what a normal Chinese meal looks like most people might think we can’t go to the supermarket But most people still go to the one market versus they […]

The Diverse Cuisine of Indonesia

Indonesian cuisine is diverse, in part because Indonesia is composed of approximately 6,000 populated islands. Many regional cuisines exist, often based upon cultural and foreign influences. Indonesian cuisine varies greatly by region and has many different influences. Indonesian food is an umbrella term covering a vast variety of regional cuisines found across the nation but, […]

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Chinese STREET FOOD Breakfast Tour in Hangzhou + BULLET TRAIN to Shanghai | Hangzhou, China

these are almost like the slippery ones like good dense piece of pork right in the middle then you have a nice one time and like just slice I'm gonna throw so quick good morning everyone this is David Hoffman from David's been here coming at you from Hangzhou China the T capital of China […]

Incredible CHINESE FOOD in Ancient WATER TOWN + Gondola Ride & Gardens | Tongli, China

pork jerky Wow it almost tastes like Chinese ribs this is like delicious mmm hey what's up guys david hoffman here from david's been here in the famous water town of song lee china this water town is located about one hour drive south from su joke and the reason why it's so famous is […]

Delicious desserts in Taiwan

what's up guys today we're heading towards typhoon and we are at taipei station going to the right in the center let's check it out and we made it to the station in type tools we have a tool guide today there's gonna take us around explore the area my name is Calvin he's coming […]

Awesome Chinese Northeastern Cuisine

I'm a full run restaurant here in Flushing and this is one of my favorite northeastern restaurants in New York City so today we're gonna go try out some northeastern dishes I don't get to come to these places very often because movie well with friends typically it's always sit around food or or something […]

2017 Food Taipei-International Food Show, Taiwan- Yummy Food And Fun Part 1

hey everybody on YouTube welcome to the Taipei Food Show we're just checking out some master sushi maker and thanks for watching don't forget to say hi those comments there please jump in questions comments I'm live at the Taipei Food Show Oh Jevons how are you man this is a giant show here in […]

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