Vegan Mayonnaise: Meals in Minutes | Masterchef: The Professionals – BBC

I would like to braise an artichoke, serve it with a saffron aquafaba mayonnaise, and a salad. What’s a saffron aquafaba mayonnaise? It’s a mayonnaise made without any eggs, so in place of the eggs is the water from beans, or chickpea water. OK. I’m going to learn something here. Show me, please. Firstly, you […]

Sara’s Cooking Tips: Getting to the Heart of an Artichoke

Sara Angelo: This is an artichoke. We use this in our Chicken Piccata. I just want to show you how you get to the heart of it. You obviously have to cut the stem off. And cut it down the center. And this is the heart, right down here. You want to pull off the […]

sweetgreen | Market Watch with Julie’s Kitchen

– What do you see? – Melons. – Melons. You want that one? Is it going to be sweet or sour? – Sweet. – Sweet. (laughing) Hi, I’m Julie Lee of Julie’s Kitchen. We’re at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market today. Owen’s in school five days a week now so I’m packing lunch for him […]

7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Cooking with Science

This episode of SciShow is sponsored by Wix. Go to to learn more. [ ♪ Intro ] It shouldn’t be a secret that your kitchen is a science lab in disguise. I mean, there’s flames and acids and metal tools. Just look at a turkey baster, It’s basically an overgrown pipette. And the similarities […]

Holiday Cooking with Clara – Artichokes – 2009

welcome to my kitchen I'm Clara I'm 94 years old today we are making a meal for Christmas happy holiday everybody today we are going to make either chokes either chokes that's a specialty we only have my Christmas and the holidays first thing we do is take out the swords cut them off they […]


yeah YouTube what's up guys we are doing another taste test where we taste some weird foods and I'm gonna blindfold this guy two mainly for him but I'm along for the journey so I'm gonna taste everything weird right in you're a year older now you're more durable I'm gonna make you eat some […]

7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Cooking with Science

this episode of scishow is sponsored by Wix go to slash go slash scishow to learn more it shouldn't be a secret that your kitchen is a science lab in disguise I mean there's flames and acids and metal tools just look at a turkey baster it's basically an overgrown pipette and the similarities […]

Stuffed Artichokes Recipe

Pantani ven Venuti benvenuti to Lydia's Italy in America and today we're gonna be traveling up and down the California coast from Castroville to San Francisco and enjoying some great food some great food that has some Italian roots let's begin with artichokes you know California produces 95% of all the artichokes that are eaten […]