SEED STORIES | Chiltepin Pepper: Wild Chile of the Borderlands

Chiltepins are called the “mother of all peppers,” prized by Native communities of the U.S. – Mexico borderlands for centuries. Scarcely bigger than a pea, these wild chiles play well above their weight when it comes to culinary and cultural importance. The word “chiltepin” is thought to have been derived from the Nuhuatl combination word […]

American Holiday Food Challenge | Season 15 Ep. 5 | HELL’S KITCHEN

There are many holidays that are so identified [music – “yankee doodle”] I love it. ‘Merica. [music – “mexican hat dance”] Cinco de Mayo. I think of tasty, vibrant Mexican dishes and the dancers. –you very quickly fall in love with Mardi Gras. Those women were hot.

Peter Baker on a well-informed public

If you believe in the public service function of journalism to inform the public, the public is pretty well-informed right now. – The public has the option of being well-informed if they want to be. – If they choose to be. They choose to be. – There are plenty of places now to go and […]

Carp Cajun

When it comes to carp recipes, mostly what you’ll get from people are jokes. But carp can make great eating…all you need is a terrific recipe! And that’s what we have today…a dish that combines the healthy benefits of fish with the pizzaz of cajun spices! You’ll need two cups of the flaked, cooked carp. […]

THE PANCAKE BOSS: Putin Makes Red Caviar Pancakes And Drinks Vodka With Chinese Leader Xi Jinping

Coolinary part of Russian-Chinese negotiations. When the official activities are completed, Vladimir Putin invited Xi Jinping take part in Russian cuisine. We pour it in… Here? You have such a neat pancake, and mine… Now the filling… – This is red caviar. – Correct. They are different kinds. They are suggesting us to eat with […]

Polvorones de Canele – Supercocinando

Disclaimer: All jokes are AP Spanish memes. Hello my little eyelids and welcome to the best cooking show in the world Supercocinando! I’m your host and the head chef, Grant. Yes, yes, yes, it’s not a dream, it’s me, Grant. Today, I am going to make a very special dish. Can you guess what it […]

Shopping, Racing and Cooking with Steve and Maggie + MORE Stories for Kids | Learn Wow English TV

I’m really hungry. I want to go to the food court to eat but I’m shopping with Bob and he keeps stopping in every shop. Oh-oh Bob. Look! Bob is shopping and he keeps stopping. Can you see him looking in the toy shop? I don’t like this. It’s not for me. It’s stupid, as […]

Cooking with your Parents – Foil Arms and Hog

Oisín What? Help me in the kitchen. I am up to my eyes. Ah do I have to? Yes. You do have to. Use exact measurements Oisín. Follow the recipe to the letter. Well how much do I add? A handful will do. What? A heaped tea-spoon. A dollop. A scoop. A pinch. A lug. […]

Mexican Chicken Quesadillas Recipe – Make It Easy Recipes

hello and welcome back to make it easy recipes in today’s video I will show you how to make a delicious Mexican dish chicken quesadillas let’s see the ingredients that we will need first we are going to start by putting the chicken that we previously cut into pieces we put it into a bowl […]

Shadow Of Mordor – Live Action (OFFICIAL)

Krimp! Get that human! Krimp! Get over here! A human bests you?! And you let him run away?! But the woods, they’re haunted. What of the Wraith that walks them? Perhaps you’d rather face him instead No master! Then what are you still doing here? GET ‘IM Yes Master! Show me your mind Show me […]