Antoni Porowski From Queer Eye Shows Us His Home Kitchen

(somber music) – Oh, hi Delish come on into my kitchen. – [Delish] How long have you lived here? – I’ve had this place for about a year and a month, but I’ve probably slept here for a total of like three months cause I’m traveling all the time and I’m never here. – [Delish] […]

Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye’s savage opinion on Ariana, Miley and Lana’s song | Cosmopolitan UK

– Hey, I’m Antoni from Cos, nope, not from Cosmo, I’m from Queer Eye. Let’s try this again. Hey guys, I’m Antoni from Queer Eye, and I’m here with Cosmo UK, playing Stan or Ban. (chill music) (paper clattering) I got my first one! (Antoni chuckling) So, the first one is dogs. A dog I […]

Antoni Porowski – Celebrating Food as a Love Language with “Antoni in the Kitchen” | The Daily Show

Thank you for having me. So good to finally have you on the show, um, as a fan of what you do on Queer Eye, as a fan of your cooking. I’ve been lucky enough to taste your cooking, and then when I heard you were coming out with a cookbook, I was like, this […]

We Tricked ‘Queer Eye’s Antoni Into Loving Cheap Guac 🥑| Expensive Taste Test

– This is tricky. This is tricky. Okay, this is a little trickier. This is tricky. I wish Tan were here, he could help me with this. (orchestral music) (laughing) Hey Cosmo fans, it’s Antoni. Just reading my cookbook, no big deal. I’m here for Expensive Taste Test. So I’ve basically been asked to try […]

Antoni Porowski Reveals The Fab Five's Favourite Meals | Good Housekeeping UK

good French butter so he's like a little birdie he's in very small little bites a little bit to get into his perfect little beer right into that with a piece of French ham yeah but I let actually enjoy vegetables for the most part I thought you never let's start off with Bobby the […]