Impractical Jokers – “Favorite Greek Dish” Ep. 720 (Web Chat) | truTV

We always say the last day of shooting the TV show, Al’s just gonna punch Murr right in the face, and then the crew all laughs, and then they all say they’re gonna line up and punch Murray in the face. ♪♪ Hey, guys, and welcome to “Ask A Joker.” I’m your Joker this week. […]

Meet Deep Dish, the Messiest Kitten EVER

Look at this face! [♪ peppy background music begins ♪] How do you get so much food on your face? [kissing sound] [Hannah laughing] Ohhh my god! [still laughing] That is next level! Dumbo, you look very clean by comparison! [still laughing] Ohhhh god! [probably can’t breathe] Why are you this way? Why is this […]

Undercover at Smithfield Foods (2012 Webby Award Winner)

What we found were extraordinarily inhumane conditions at Smithfield Foods, the largest pork producer in the entire world. I still remember the first time I ever laid eyes on a gestation crate facility and seeing the helplessness of these animals who have done nothing to deserve the fate that they’re enduring, suffering inside of these […]

Funny Animal Voice Overs w/ Tony Baker Comedy and John Hunt Reaction – Try Not To Laugh 207 #NemRaps

here and listen Krispy Kreme man what’s up with that sponsorship deal tho listen I’m from North Carolina you from North Carolina we could make something work Joe what is going on everybody this ya boy nem and welcome back to another video this week in fan mail we got most SIA spelled with the […]

Erick Baker Visits the Aquarium and Slows His World Down

My name is Erick Baker, and these are the Tennessee Aquarium River Journey backup singers joining me today on today’s performance of “Slow the World Down.” [MUSIC STARTS] Everybody’s in a hurry. Caught up in keeping up with things that don’t matter at all. Searching for shortcuts to speed things up as if life is […]

Lions With A Wildebeest Meal | Archive Wildlife Footage

Karhi Pakoray, کڑھی پکوڑے Kadhi Pakora,Original Kadhi Pakora Recipe in (Punjabi Kitchen)

ASMR Dog Reviewing Different Types of Food #3 I MAYASMR