Learning How To Cook Pasta! w/ 39Daph & AngelsKimi

Yes I’m not wearing this…this is different. It’s just also yellow. I like red and yellow. McDonald’s you know, red and yellow. McDonald’s? Hamburger I’m today morning go to the AM 6, go to the McDonald’s. McDonald’s? Y-y-yes! Why? Um, hungry Ohhh So I go to the, um, McDonald’s and I’m, uh, what is this? […]

WHO’S THE BETTER COOK?! – Cooking Battle! ft. AngelsKimi

This is my today pants Cute? Perfect for hiding pink shorts PepeLaugh Hey! You think me hide pink shorts? You think real?! You think?! Oh yes Wow! You genius! You genious! You…You genious! What?! Why touch? Why touch?! Why touch?! Why touch me?! Okay, okay, okay, okay,okay, okay, okay This isn’t right It can be […]