Lentil Soup

Hello.Today we will cook lentil soup together I prefered this soup because Barbara liked it very much when she was in Turkey. Let’s start INGREDIENTS “OF COURSE LENTIL SOME CHICKEN BROTH SOME BUTTER ONE SLICED ONION SALT AND WATER AFTER SHOWING THE INGREDITENS LET’S START WITH WASHING THE LENTIL WASH THE LENTIL VERY VELL UNTIL […]

What is SWERVE Sweetener? | Thrive Market

When it comes to the keto diet, we were keto before keto. In the early 2000s we were creating a protein shake, and the protein shake needed to be sweetened naturally – and it was like what are we gonna do? What are we gonna sweeten it with? So that’s how Swerve was born. We […]

1936 Whipped Cream Cake Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends welcome back it is Sunday morning and we’re going to do another recipe out of an old cookbook this time we’re going back to the Walsh County cookbook published in Grafton North Dakota in 1936 and I want to try this whipped cream cake it sounds really interesting it gets all of its […]

Grilled Clarias Macrocephalus With Chili Sauce Recipe – Cooking Fishs – My Food My Lifestyle

Hello today i grilled Clarias Macrocephalus Fish eat with chili sauce this is my clarias macrocephalus very fresh is 2 kg but now i don’t have chili, i will find chili now , so see me do it together this is chili tree it grow by itseft it’s fruit is small this is one more […]

A Snake Hiding in a Kitchen | Snake City

SIMON: It’s definitely a rodent. SIOUXIE: Look at that. SIMON: Yeah. SIOUXIE: That’s not the skin on the rat, is it? SIMON: Oh, well I don’t know. Is it? Something like that. That or plastic. SIOUXIE: Plastic? SIMON: Plastic, yeah. Yeah, it’s plastic. The mess is really distracting. We can’t see the snake. It actually […]

How to Make Acorn Bread | Easy Acorn Bread Recipe

hello and welcome back to you in the kitchen with Matt I am your host Matt Taylor today I’m going to show you how to make acorn bread recently I posted a video on how to process acorns and make acorn flour if you want to watch that click the I up here and you’ll […]

Bang Bang Chicken 棒棒鸡 – How to prepare in 3 quick steps

Hello, everyone. I’m KP Kwan from tasteasianfood.com. Most of you may have tried bang bang chicken or 棒棒鸡 in Chinese before, preparing one way or another. There are two different ways of preparing it. One is the traditional way- poached chicken, shredded meat and dress with vinegar, soy sauce, sesame paste, and chili oil. Another […]

Moist Banana Bread Recipe | Sweet Bread

Hey everyone, it’s Natasha of Natashaskitchen.com. Today we’re making our all-time favorite banana bread. It’s so soft, moist and loaded with ripe bananas, tiny raisins and toasted walnuts. This is the best way to use overripe bananas. You’ll start with 1/2 a cup of unsalted softened butter. Place that in a large mixing bowl and […]

Why Döner Kebab Is The Essential Turkish Food With Enes Kanter

Medha Imam: The Greeks call it gyro. The Arabs call it shawarma. The Spanish: al pastor. All of these sliced meats can be traced back to the seat of the Ottoman Empire, which is now Turkey. There, it’s called the döner kebab. And that’s Swiss-born Turkish national and NBA player Enes Kanter. He took us […]

What Happens When Maths Goes Wrong? – with Matt Parker

[APPLAUSE] Yeah! Huh? Oh, calm down. Thank you all very much for coming along for an exciting evening of mathematics. My name is Matt Parker. I used to be a maths teacher, which is why I know that person is on their phone while I’m talking. Honestly. [LAUGHTER] Unbelievable. Once a teacher, always a teacher. […]