I mean, they’re popular and we have something like The Pita Pit. Which is… not similar Hello everyone! What is up, my name is Hayley, welcome to my YouTube channel. If you did not know, now you do! Hey you guys~ So it’s been a long time since I made a sit down with you […]

Baby Doll Kitchen Play Toys! Our Generation kitchen or Journey Girls Kitchen


Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen or Journey Girls Gourmet Kitchen

in this video I'm comparing two dog gourmet kitchen sets side-by-side one from journey girls and the other from our generation you can find the journey girls kitchen set at Toys R Us and you can find the our generation kitchen set at Target the journey girls kitchen retails for $69.99 and it comes with […]

Cuisine pour Poupée Our Generation Kitchen Set Jouets

bonjour et bienvenue sur madame récré en français aujourd'hui nous allons découvrir cette belle cuisine de notre poupée orange c'est une cuisine entièrement équipée avec tous les accessoires nécessaires la voici hors de la boîte et nous allons maintenant commencer par le réfrigérateur et les accessoires qui se trouve dessus c'est un grand réfrigérateur à […]

American Girl Doll Gourmet Kitchen Set ~ NEW

hey guys so today I'm gonna be opening up and taking a look at the gourmet kitchen set from the truly me collection from American Girl it retails for $225 and I am so excited about this set because it comes with a lot of food pieces and I love doll size food items and […]

I Tried An American Girl Recipe From 1944! w/ My Sister

hey guys it's ro I'm hanging out with lo my sister and today's video is a dream come true we both loved American Girl and we wanted to work together and today it's happening I think think you do American Girl for sponsoring and helping me make this video they sent us this Molly doll […]

American Girl Gourmet Kitchen Review

American Girl Cooking Playdoh Food + Surprise Blind Bags In Doll Kitchen

cookies were in the kitchen today with my American Girl doll so here we are in her beautiful kitchen RI cookie era what are we gonna be making today we are gonna be cooking some breakfast but first before we get cooking we have to put away some groceries I just went grocery shopping and […]

DIY American Girl Doll Happy Meal

we want to give a shout out to one number one in the Sun thanks for the request and just crafted for the Happy Meal you will need craft foam tape scissors craft paint Mod Podge character erasers or other tiny toys printables from our blog and Model Magic start by taking your Happy Meals […]