A Week of Food: South Korea Vs. USA


Hi. I’m Titli Nihaan. Strange name. Strange name. Even stranger story. And I like to cook simple, classic dishes from all around the world. I cook cakes I cook cakes and chutneys I cook cakes and chutneys and curries and soups and soups and salads and soups and salads and sweets and savouries and savouries […]

My Drunk Kitchen Holiday: America Day Pie Cakes

McDonald’s Vs. Jollibee Fast Food

Why are people so Healthy in Japan?

When it comes to health, weight of course is not everything, but since there are so many health complications from being overweight or obese, it’s safe to say that Japan with an obesity rate of 3.5% is generally healthier than America with an obesity rate of 30%. Japan isn’t perfect, it has found itself on […]

US Economics 101 – With Dean Baker & Maya Rockeymoore

welcome back to the point i’m your host of my rocky more and i am pleased to welcome dean baker to sandy malcolm dean are you there be a shipping clerk i tam well how are you reading hand-in-glove list and dina sequestering shenanigans trails um… inaudible the question my guess is more likely to […]

American Holiday Food Challenge | Season 15 Ep. 5 | HELL’S KITCHEN

There are many holidays that are so identified [music – “yankee doodle”] I love it. ‘Merica. [music – “mexican hat dance”] Cinco de Mayo. I think of tasty, vibrant Mexican dishes and the dancers. –you very quickly fall in love with Mardi Gras. Those women were hot.

Singaporeans Try: American Fast Food (In-N-Out, Five Guys, Jack In The Box)

I can’t even get it up (the straw)! That’s how thick it is! Hello everyone! Welcome to the first ever international Singaporeans Try… in San Francisco! – I’m Rainier… – And I’m Chow. And together we have… A huge, huge thank you to United Airlines… for putting us on one of the quickest routes from […]

Cooking Food With Fireworks

Hey, gang. Bus Jackson here. Happy Independence Day! You told me that… you- It’ll be okay if you wanted me to cook stuff… With… things you’re not supposed to cook with! Nobody ever said that. Well, some guy said that. hm Well, so we’re going to do that anyway. So, today we got some frankfurters, […]

Irish People Try Southern Food For The First Time

Chicken? Southern Fried chicken-ish, mad dishes like that. Well I can see, A prawn in here so- I know, I had prawn before. Mmm. It’s like it’s spicy but it’s not too spicy. Not like what I was expecting now with that now. It’s Gumbo, guys. I knew that from the princess and the frog. […]