Baker Daily: TRUMP TAKEDOWN – Episode 2

(triumphant music) – Good evening. Our top story tonight is actually not about Donald Trump. But about one very special person. And that person’s name is Tiffany. Tiffany Trump was a catalog model, a former college student, and a resident of central Florida. But most importantly, a pop star. And with me today to discuss […]

Chef Ahmed Obo Is Bringing Kenyan Island Food to New Mexico — Cooking in America

– So here we are at Jambo Cafe, and we’re going to be meeting Ahmed who comes from an island in Kenya. Here in Santa Fe, he found his true passion for cooking. Now he’s serving up food from his island to the people of this city. – Hey, Sheldon. – Hey, what’s up man? […]

The Arlington Hotel – What If the Baker Hotel Was Never Abandoned?

[Music] hey everyone in this video we’re looking at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs Arkansas we decided we had to check it out as it served as the design inspiration for the Baker hotel the Arlington Hotel was first opened in 1875 but this building was completed in 1924 two years before the construction […]


WHEAT FLOUR (saiu com erro de digitação)

Baker Daily: TRUMP TAKEDOWN – Episode 1

(triumphant music) – Oh my god, Levi, so I have this story for tonight, Ben Affleck has actually been… – Can’t do it, Trump just said Italy is now part of the Middle East. – Oh. Okay. Okay, how about this, Selina Gomez told Vogue… – No, Trump’s kids are building a hotel on Native […]

Baker Daily: TRUMP TAKEDOWN – Episode 4

– That’s right, First Lady of these United States Melania Trump is a Russian spy. We have the exclusive on this story and we’ll have more tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that, and every day until the administration is held accountable for it’s wrongdoing. Goodnight. I’m Chris Baker. Thank you. […]

Exploring the Abandoned Baker Hotel – 1920’s Hotel in Decay

The Baker hotel opened in 1929 under the management of Theodore Brasher Baker and quickly became a thriving destination resort. Central to the hotel’s success was the local spring water, as it was thought to have healing properties and attracted tourists in droves. Even the veins of the hotel ran cold with the mineral water […]

The Native American Master Chef Bringing Back True American Cuisine — Capital One [SPONSORED]

(mystical music) – [Sean] The land the animals, the plants, within Lakota philosophy we’re kind of all apart of everything. I think you can feel it when you’re out in these regions and when we’re out gathering some of these foods and flavors that people have been utilizing for millennia. Indigenous foods it’s just the […]

Guess Where These 5 Foods Are From | People Vs. Food

– Crap, that's some BS! – Life is a not struggle,it's a wiggle. (laughs) This whole competition is a wiggle. ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, do you think you knowwhere your favorite foods come from? – Where they come from?– (sighs) The kitchen! (laughs) – I'm like Uber Eats? – Hopefully, I mean, […]

Baking HACKS Tested Hit OR Myth? How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That, I'm Ann Reardon. I've been seeing a lot of baking hacks onlinelately so today we are going to put them to the test and see if they are a hit or a myth. Baking Hack number 1 says if you are bakingmuffins or anything with fruit or choc chips […]