Ellen Welcomes Back Inspiring Principal Akbar Cook

Well, you look very, very sharp. Oh, man. You look good. Well, thank you, Ellen. I’m trying to be like you when I grow up. So what’s the reaction at school since you were here? Well, when I got back, Ellen, it was like it was a Super Bowl parade waiting on me. And there […]


Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon Today we have the best chocolate truffles part 3, I asked you which ones you wanted and these are the top ten chocolates that you wanted in your box of chocolates. Coming in a number 10 we had liquor chocolates of all different types of […]

CHOCOLATE balloon dog How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon and today I’m attempting to make a balloon dog out of chocolate! That’s right completely out of chocolate! So to start with let’s make an actual balloon dog so that we can figure out our dimensions and where everything should be in all the angles. So […]

Can you play a CHOCOLATE record? How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to how to cook that I’m Ann Reardon and today We are attempting to make a vinyl record out of chocolate and to see if it can actually play music now Why would I even think that that would be possible? Well six years ago a baker called Ben Milne produced a chocolate record […]

Cool Inventions Your Kitchen Doesn’t Need

– [Narrator] Thanks to technology, the pace of modern inventions is breathtaking, leaving many of us in awe and thinking, “What will they think of next?” Unfortunately, some do the exact opposite, and instead make us think, “What the heck were they thinking?” The kitchen isn’t immune to such bizarre gimmickry. Brace yourself for the […]

Teeny Weeny Balloon Sugar Bowls | How To Cook That

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon and today I’m in my mini kitchen which is only 1/12 of the normal scale it is tiny and you guys requested that I try and make miniature sugar bowls if you’re new around here to fill you in I invented balloon drip sugar bowls back […]

Ellen Meets Extraordinary New Jersey Principal Akbar Cook

When I found out about a high school principal from Newark, New Jersey, who is doing incredible things to keep his students in school, I knew I wanted to have him on the show. Here’s his story. [MUSIC – MACKLEMORE FEAT. KESHA, “GOOD OLD DAYS”] (SINGING) I wish somebody would have told me– Good morning. […]

Restaurant Employees Admit Which Foods They’ll Never Order

– [Narrator] There’s an old saying that goes buyer beware, meaning that whenever you buy something, you’re taking a big risk. Still, we aren’t always aware of the risks when we buy stuff nowadays, especially when it comes to food at both gourmet and fast food outlets. We trust that they know what they’re doing […]

How to Make Fudge | Easy Amazing Homemade Fudge Recipe (Only 3 Ingredients)

How to Make Fudge Easy Amazing Homemade Fudge Recipe Only Three Ingredients Hello and welcome back to In the Kitchen with Matt, I am your host Matt Taylor. Today I am going to show you how to make Fudge, mmm yummy, love me some fudge. This fudge recipe is super easy to make, and only […]

Episode 158: The 1% Rule with Tommy Baker

most of us tend to focus on that one big audacious goal that we all have in the problem with that is that it may be so far out there or so unrealistic that subconsciously we believe we can’t ever achieve it my guest and friend Tommy Baker makes the case for focusing more on […]