Hungarian Food – 3 Foods To Try in Budapest! (Americans Try Hungarian Food)

Knockout Punch- Ultimate Expedition: Tocllaraju

– [Narrator] Previously on Ultimate Expedition. – [Lia] I don’t think I can do it. – [Narrator] After Lia was evacuated, the mountain claimed its second victim. – You’re eliminated. It’s not safe for you to keep on going. – I feel very defeated. – [Narrator] And Chuck’s respiratory infection got worse. – He’s sick, […]

The Best Hawker Food in the World, Penang, Malaysia

From the market to your mouth: Saint Lucia’s colourful cuisine – Ep 4/4

What’s the plan today? What are we gonna be cooking? The plan is love, but in between love, we’re gonna do some sexy cuisine. Before, you start with chocolate…you start with this guy. In the plantations, what they do, they cut the coco beans and they often do the coco dance See! I know it’s […]


Icelandic Food – Eating Strange Foods in Iceland! (Americans Try Icelandic Food)

Good morning Adventurers! Today we’re in Reyjkavík and we’re going to be trying four of Iceland’s most famous dishes. So it turns out that hot dogs are really popular here so we asked around on the Iceland subreddit and they recommended a place that’s name literally translates to “The Best in Town.” So, we’re gonna […]

J.Fla – Vlog #3 ( Cooking ) Eng sub

*claps* Hey guys! If you didn’t get the chance to see the cover… ..i did last week Please, go check it out. I was trying to think of what to do, for todays vlog. And i decided on cooking! 🙂 I really love eating! So i thought cooking would be good. Actually, i eat at […]

Fantastic Beasts Inspired Apple Strudel Recipe | Wizarding World

I’m Andrew Smyth, and this is my recipe for apple strudel inspired by Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Peel it gradually in one piece if you can. So you just want to store it, you can just fold it over itself. And then, if I just pinch that off there. See a little […]

Eating EVERY Korean menu item at Quarters Kitchen! ft. vivalastina | Going In

[Music] Where are we right now? This is really nice. Okay, so here’s what we’re going to do today. Okay. We’re in Yorba Linda, California, It’s a new shopping center, there’s a new spot here called Quarters Kitchen. But it’s made by the same people… The one with K-Town, the famous KBBQ? Exactly. The legendary […]